Breaking Gender Rules


I am sure we are all well aware that 2020 has been a disaster, at least it has for me and being in lockdown has confined our creativity to our bedrooms and dressing up to watch a movie in our living rooms. Personally, it has put a strain on my own sense of identity, lacking the inspiration to not only dress the way I want but also feeling a lack of motivation. Mainly, I feel a loss in my gender identity and fluidity, and as a queer woman, my style has always been my outlet of freedom. However, since we are all spending a reasonable amount of time on the internet, the consumption of social media and celebrity culture has increased and I started looking at celebrity culture and fashion looks that break typical gender codes and show a fusion of feminine and masculine traits. Here is the rundown on these celebrities that refuse to adhere to mainstream gender roles.

Dominic Harrison:

Dominic, otherwise known as YUNGBLUD, is no stranger to playing dress up, and has even stated how he finds wearing dresses ‘sexy’. Personally, I love his style, it is the perfect blend of punk edge, femininity and everyday casual. His moments that have shocked the mainstream include wearing a skirt and a dress pictured below. His clothing not only makes a statement about not conforming to stereotypical masculine identities, but also that while people judge you for wearing what you love, you should continue to wear it anyways. Both of these outfits complement him as a person and I especially love the way that he works with his punk aesthetic. My favourite pieces include the silver chains he wears which are a subtle detail but make the outfit feel more powerful and edgy whilst the mesh polka dot detailing on the dress takes his outfit from being casual to put together. Being stuck in lockdown can really dull our creativity so if there is one person that will definitely inspire you and excite you to try something new, it’s YUNGBLUD.


                                                                                           Instagram: yungblud

Ashley Frangipane:

Ashley, otherwise known as HALSEY (can you see a theme here) is one of the most experimental female singers when it comes to fashion but to me, her most notable feature she changes is her hairstyles. As a female, long hair seems ideally feminine and whilst Halsey experiments with wigs and colourful long locks, she also can rock naturally curly hair as well as buzzcuts.

Instagram: iamhalsey

Being in lockdown, her love for creativity has inspired me to also dye my hair and cut it, for not only a fresh change (and a sense of boredom) but also as a way of expressing my personality and my ever changing identity.

Harry Styles:

Last, but not least in the slightest is the legendary Harry Styles. Personally, I have not really listened to his music in years (reminiscing on the one direction days) but the man has style and he is forever making it to the front of new headlines with his looks.

For example, who remembers the iconic met gala look, with twitter captions popping up everywhere about him. His look perfectly blends masculinity and femininity in such a beautiful and artistic way. Black seems to be a recurrent colour in these outfits, suggesting class and sophistication, Styles does not need to dramatize or go ‘all out’ with his clothing to tell his story. In fact, I appreciate his minimalistic vibe and gentle aura.

He is also no stranger to wearing a dress, promoting the idea of unisex clothing and ignoring the social stereotypes that, I for one, think need to be broken.





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