Dan Michealson’s ‘Colourfield – Prelude’ is a Tease of A Great Record to Come

5 stars – you’ll never see a ‘score’ quite like this again.

Dan Michaelson has announced that his new album, Colourfield, will be released on the 24th of July on Village Green Recordings.

‘Colourfield – Prelude’ made its debut on Elizabeth Alker’s BBC Radio 3 show ‘Unclassified’, and is Michaelson’s first instrumental release for Village Green Recordings. Michaelson is no novice to instrumental pieces, having released Argument for Strings back in 2019 – another sweeping deluge of violin delight.

In my opinion, absolutely nothing tops a good instrumental piece. I’m a sucker for dramatic film scores, having been reared on a healthy mix of Gore Verbinski and Tim Burton films. So when I heard Dan Michaelson’s ‘Colourfield – Prelude’ I felt instantly drawn to it, it’s an inspiring piece, to say the least. Quite a different experience from an orchestra, to be sure, but this song undeniably has the same captivating hold over the listener. The track begins with a full-bodied bray from saxophones and then tapers off into a beautiful violin section. It’s five minutes and fifty seconds of orchestral magic and sounds like it should be in a film score of a sci-fi film. In fact, Michaelson has scored a documentary, in the shape of ‘The Luthier’, directed by Richard Jung.

Watch the documentary here, to see Michaelson demonstrating great use of his violin-orientated proficiencies.


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Of ‘Colourfield – Prelude’, Michaelson explained:

“The hope is to be lost in it, to get to the other side with no memory of where you set out from”.

I feel this is really accurate, as the piece seems almost hypnotic; the distorted rumble paired with Galya’s ethereal violin creates an other-worldly feel to the score. It truly is a majestic piece. Michaelson noted that the choice for an instrumental piece was due to the fact that “everyone gets tired of the sound of their own voice sometimes”. Whilst ‘Colourfield – Prelude’ may not have vocals as such, it speaks volumes about Michaelson’s amazing capabilities as a musician.

To create this spellbinding track, Michaelson teamed up with Robert Ames, an illustrious British conductor, and Galya Bisengalieva, a violinist and composer. Michaelson has said their collaborative way of working was “very similar to being in a band, just with less wrong notes”. Ames’ recent, and rather impressive collaborations include Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Frank Ocean, and Labrinth. Galya has also had her share of prestigious collaborations, working to create a piece for Alexander McQueen whilst in lockdown.


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New Music out Today. Cross streams as they say… link in bio.

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I absolutely love the range in this track. The saxophone drones, and the “slowly unfolding sound mass” collides into a perfect symphony, teasing what I expect to be a fantastic album.

I can’t wait to hear Michaelson’s Colourfield, but for now, at least I have his glittering discography to tide me over. Listen below:

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