From 500 Miles to 1,000,000 Meals

In light of roughly 240,000 cases of coronavirus in the UK and counting, frontline health workers need our support more than ever (and this means more than a community clap).


The great news is, the non-profit volunteer-led charity One Million Meals has taken on the task to supply health workers with free, nutritious hot meals.


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Definitely a better alternative to vending machine crisps.

To date (of publication), One Million Meals have managed to supply 203 UK locations with more than 60,000 hot meals. However, as the rates of infection rise, so does their demand for support. One Million Meals need all the help they can get to continue their great work.

Infamous rock duo The Proclaimers offered their song ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ to the campaign, to be rewritten and performed by the 80’s band Friends of Gavin. Friends of Gavin aim to encourage people to join the cause and support NHS hospital staff at this, a time of great need. This endeavour is supported by TLC marketing, using their expertise in bringing brand stories to life to make the jump from 500 Miles to 1,000,000 Meals.

Let us achieve what the lyrics of One Million Meals detail:

And I would give one million meals
And I would give one million more
To be the man who walks one thousand miles
To drop meals at your door

In the original song, The Proclaimers sing about a man who misses his love dearly, dreams about the time they were together and wants to be beside her. He will walk 500 miles just to be with her. With the same vigour, the charity single harnesses the famous marching tune to serve a noble and much-needed cause. Friends of Gavin is comprised of Marcus Joyston Bechal on lead and rhythm guitar, alongside Billy Brown (vocals, rhythm guitar), Nick True (bass guitar), Phil Adler (drums) and Richard Cordon on keyboard. The beats and tune in major E spark a sense of hope and a warm feeling everything will be okay. The strong, regular or so-called marching, rhythm is a great way to motivate people to support the cause in any way they can.



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The small One Million Meals team of volunteers work alongside brands such as Yakult, Belvoir, Boitiful and Innocent that donate their products for the cause. All products are delivered by their partnering restaurants that have signed up as their suppliers. Hospitals can sign up directly to the platform to start receiving meals from their local restaurants.

When I come home (when you come home)
Well you know you’re coming home to a hot meal,
To a hot meal, we’ve made for you

It is a great feeling after a long day at work to come home to a hot plate of healthy food, let alone if you are fighting on the Covid-19 frontlines.

Celebrities like David Beckham and Amir Khan have already joined the cause, so why not contribute? Every bit of help is crucial, however small you may think it is!

Support One Million Meals with your donations or by volunteering, products, fundraising, etc… Simply – help in any way you can!

Let us beat the high demand and support our nurses and doctors. So by the end of this, we can sing ‘Da da da dun diddle un diddle uh da’ together.

This can be done via the website or by getting in touch with the team directly


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