Hair Product Takeover

I have searched far and wide over the past year for some of the best hair products. Many of them were truly the worst products I had ever let touch my scalp and hair. However, there were a few of them that were pure gems, and I have compiled the ones you need to try out. Don’t worry, I am here to save your hair!

Shampoo & Conditioner

Sachajuan: Scalp Shampoo (Scalp Conditioner)

A life-saving shampoo for the time I needed to control the dandruff on my dry scalp. This one isn’t loaded with chemicals and is a fantastic alternative to those mainstream anti-dandruff shampoos. The rosemary oil and ginger extracts soothed and nourished my irritated scalp in the winter. Pair this with the conditioner and you have got a healthy scalp and healthy hair.

Briogeo: Don’t Despair, Repair! Super Moisture Shampoo (Conditioning Mask)

A moisturizing shampoo is a necessity for dry and damaged hair. The shampoo and its conditioning mask deliver on its promise without overdoing it its moisture. It’s just the right amount as your hair will be hydrated but free from oil, build-up and dirt. It’s also great for those who don’t want the colour stripped from their hair.

Nioxin: Cleanser Shampoo For Coloured Hair with Light Thinning (Cleanser Conditioner)

A general favourite for those who just need a good old-fashioned cleaning. It is designed to thicken natural hair with light thinning. I, however, love both the shampoo and the conditioned for its ability to nourish my scalp and hair. It removes environmental residue, sebum and fatty acids from the scalp and hair, so your hair will feel and look fuller.

Ouai Haircare: Volume Shampoo (Volume Conditioner)

A good way of thinking about this shampoo is that it’s basically a body building product. It cleanses, moisturizers and adds lift to your hair. It is a good option for those wanting a boost to colour treated hair alongside protecting your colour from fading. It smells amazing and is paragon and sulphate free.

Leonor Greyl: Nourishing Shampoo (Nourishing Treatment Mask)

A duo that will leave your hair looking very glossy. You will forget that you ever had dry, brittle or frizzy hair. If you have a sensitive scalp or very dry hair, then this one is for you. It’s got a luxurious formula and is perfect for curly hair. I cannot emphasize enough how supple your hair is after using this shampoo and treatment mask.

Scalp Care

Sachajuan: Scalp Treatment

This will rejuvenate a dry and itchy scalp. This has similar ingredients to its Scalp Shampoo and Scalp Conditioner. It features climbazole and anti-fungal riroctone both of which help your scalp as opposed to the harsher ingredients that help battle dandruff.

Briogeo: Scalp Revival

This will save your dry and irritated scalp. It features charcoal and tea tree which cool and soothes your scalp. It draws impurities and oil away from the scalp, in turn, removing the buildup and encouraging healthy hair growth.

Davines: Energizing Superactive

This is an amazing serum that strengthens, stimulates and encourages healthy hair production. It’s great at helping fragile hair or those who are prone to hair loss. A little bit goes a long way, so just add a little bit to your towel-dried hair and massage it into your scalp until it’s fully absorbed.

Omorovicza: Revitalising Scalp Mask

This scalp has Hungarian Moor mud to help detoxify and revitalize the scalp which promotes healthier hair. I love the cooling effect from the menthol while the salicylic acid gently exfoliates my scalp. The removed dead skin cells will unblock hair follicles and promote growth and volume.

Leonor Greyl: Huile Apaisante

This treatment has natural extracts and oils which makes this a fabulous antioxidants and anti-inflammatory for your scalp. The design on this bottle is genius as you can have precise application for the areas that need to most attention.


Davines: Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer

I am seriously picky about hairsprays and this one has been great since it genuinely protects my hair from the damaging effects of styling my hair. You should put this in your damp hair to detangle, texturise and separate your hair. It quickens the process of drying your hair and battles frizz.

Briogeo: Farewell Frizz Dry Perfection & Heat Protectant Crème

I think this one is perfect for when your hair is seriously dry and damaged, but you still need to style it. This is a silicone-free formula infused with some awesome oils, such as rosehip, argon and coconut oil. All of these ingredients will enhance the shine of your hair and control the frizz.

GHD: Heat Protect Spray

I have learned the hard way that you should always use protection when it comes to your hair. As quickly as I want to finish styling my hair, i have learned not to be so impatient and give me the heat protection it deserves. I love the formula for its protection polymers alongside the lightweight and non-sticky texture.

Ouai Haircare: Memory Mist

I adore this multi-functional hairspray. It works as a heat protectant and a primer before you style it. It will protect and set your hair after you style it. It is really weightless and requires very little retouching and restyling.

Kevin.Murphy: Heated.Defence

I recommend this for those who love a heated style and need a hard-working heat protectant. It seriously reduces the damage to your hair whilst drying and styling it. I love the leave-in foam formal that deeply conditions and smooths your hair.

Your hair, just like your skin, deserves the best. Remember to treat it kindly with the best products!

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