May Favourites

It has been quite the academic year here at CUB Magazine. Whether you have finished all of your assignments, finished your exams or still have a few left, I have some products that will lift up your spirits. Let’s treat ourselves for our hard work with some style and beauty goodies.

Fresh: Rose Face Mask (£21.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I must kick this all off with the best fragrance that will ever hit your face, but I assure it does much more than just smell good. This face mask has saved my face on those serious hot days when my skin is in need of intense hydration. This gel-textured mask will deliver on its promise to soothe, hydrate and cool those thirsty pores.

Niod: Sanskrit Saponins (£21.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I won’t deny that when you open this it won’t smell pleasant. That should be overlooked when you find yourself with better skin because of it though. This is an intense cleansing balm that genuinely targets congestion, impurities, build-up and blemishes. If you have dry, oily or combination skin, I highly recommend this cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, I would suggest your move away from this one, these ingredients are quite potent.

Olaplex: No. 7 Bonding Oil (£26.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

As a huge fan of Olaplex, it is unsurprising that I fell in love with the No.7 Bonding Oil, thanks to its nourishment powers. This oil packs a punch while remaining weightless. If your hair is need of some loving then treat it to some of this oil as it will rebuild the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair. Get ready for hair that will be strengthened and have the damage post-colouring, styling and bleaching repaired.

YSL: All Hours Concealer (£25.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I have been wearing little else other than this concealer. It really helps me on those sweltering days where I cannot deal with any kind of foundation. This is a full-coverage concealer and is bendable thanks to its liquid texture. This has saved me from my dark circles after spending hours watching bad reality TV throughout the evenings and has hidden some bad blemishes that I have had this month. With its matte finish and transfer-resistance I can be sure it will last throughout the day.

Amazon: Nail Art Brushes (£5.95) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

Yeah, so I didn’t actually purchase these brushes for nail art. I bought these for graphic eyeliner. It’s one of the best tricks I have come across on the internet. I had been practicing graphic liner for a few months before I had a plethora of assignments to hand in. Now that I’m back at it, I am now learning all the tips on how to perfect my graphic lines. The long nail art brush tips really help with straight thin lines and these have worked really well for me so far!

& Other Stories: Blizzard Heart Nail Colour (£6.00) – Vinny Sandhu, Style & Beauty Writer

I am still painting my nails a different colour every other day. My favourite colour is Blizzard Heart. First, it’s really cheap for a nail polish. Second, it’s a really good formula. Finally, it’s a stunning colour for the summer. If you’re not in the mood for orange or red, there is always a hot pink that is waiting for you around the corner. It’s got this high gloss finish and all you need is two coats for an opaque colour.

Be sure to tune at the end of next month for the June Favourites!

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