Inspired by John Fayrams’ portrait of Elizabeth Carter ‘Elizabeth Carter as Minerva’


Goddess of her time,

encouraged towards intellect in her prime.

Mistress of Languages – Latin, Hebrew, Arabic and Greek,

she knew more than all men combined. Women looked up to her, for she

was an inspiration to all. The Lady Carter never compared to Eve from the fall. Her fair

and fragile hands did not demonstrate the strength of her mind. Sitting on her throne, she smiled at the painter,

exuding confidence as she was one of a kind. She was seen as the Goddess of Wisdom who went against the

patriarchal system. Elizabeth Carter bestowed knowledge upon everyone and her wisdom could never be undone.

Her virtue was a motivation to do better in the world, and her intelligence was portrayed in several

of her works. Armoured with a book of Plato, words empowered her. The

poetry she wrote symbolised that she was no amateur. She had the

creativity and intellect of Minerva, and thus she was

aligned with the Goddess herself. Though

not as beauteous, her wisdom

ruled all.




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