Mix it up: reasons to watch foreign films!


Watching home-grown films can become monotonous, it’s about time you diversify your choice of films/tv-series. Watching foreign films has always been a contentious topic but it has become much easier to watch them in the contemporary world. Many foreign films and Tv series now offer dubbed versions in a range of languages along with subtitles, which makes it relatively easier to comprehend the film. Yet people have continued to resist watching foreign films/series either because they do not like reading subtitles or dubbed versions are simply not good enough. I will try to convince you otherwise by laying down a few reasons why you should give foreign cinema a try. 


They push you out of your comfort zone. They nurture your ability to pay attention to the smallest of details because subtitles are not always reliable. You are more likely to remember smaller features of the film that may go unnoticed had the film been in English (or another language local to you.) 


I view foreign cinema as a great means to broaden my horizons. Websites such as Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime have made foreign films more accessible. It is through various foreign shows and films that I have discovered a myriad of cultures such as Turkish, Latin American, and Middle Eastern. The best thing about cinema is that it exposes you to the intricacies of each culture. Some cultures are more expressive while others more reserved, unfolding the plot delicately. All cultures offer more than a single type of movie. Therefore, you are bound to find something that would please you. 


It is worth mentioning that foreign films may help awaken your imagination. You may find that conventional Hollywood films often use the same old story-line, plot, and humour. Obviously, that does not mean that Hollywood films are not imaginative.  However, it is different with foreign cinema. Each cinema takes on an entirely different approach towards creativity and inspiration. You will not find a Japanese film churning out the same content as a Korean film. 

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