Movies over Novels?


Film adaptations of novels can always be tricky if the film does not meet the audience’s expectations, it may well ruin the novel as well. On the contrary, if all goes well and the film is a success it can bring enormous benefits. I personally have mixed views about film adaptations mainly because I have had both pleasant and unpleasant experiences with film adaptations.


On the one hand, film adaptations can be great as they provide the audience with a chance to view the story from a different perspective. Films may bring in new ideas, present alternatives to the novel version, which can be rather refreshing. Perhaps, film adaptations can help evoke emotions and imagination because the audience can see their favorite characters coming to life. It can keep the audience hooked onto the storyline. 


However, more often than not film adaptations can go horribly wrong. In turn, ruining the novel as well. Storylines have to be revised, which may result in the removal of the minute details that make the book so unique. Directors may often use the novel as a mere guideline. Viewers resent directors for removing the best bits. This can result in a lack of imaginative elements in the film. Unlike, novels films have time limitations. Therefore, it is impossible to include all the details. 


When it comes to filmmaking, filmmakers are required to ensure that the film remains economical. Directors have to make use of cheaper locations, cut down actors to stay within the budget. Additionally, fans tend to hold high expectations. They expect each character to be a mirror image of the one presented in the book. So much so that they get disappointed due to lack of physical similarities. Being a book enthusiast myself, I can understand why it can be disappointing. However, it is necessary to acknowledge that it is unlikely for directors to meet everyone’s expectations. 


In the past, I have been severely disappointed with film adaptations. However, I have now tried to pursue a more optimistic stance towards it. I try not to allow an ill-conceived film adaptation to ruin the novel as well mainly because I view films and books as different mediums with seemingly differing motivations. On another note, TV series adaptations are becoming increasingly common, and many people find them to work better. There is more screen time ensuring that if not all, at least most of the characters and details are covered. 

Do you prefer films over books? Can you think of any other pros and cons of film adaptations? If so, add them to the comment section below! 


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