Oral Care for Pearly Whites

I know that this is a mundane task but it’s an important one, nonetheless. You shouldn’t be the one who has to do all the work here. Maybe you need to upgrade your toothpaste. I have gathered some of the best in the market that will strengthen your teeth, prevent tooth decay and whiten your smile in this list. Here is the oral care you need for pearly whites!

Aēsop: Toothpaste

A toothpaste that will effectively clean your teeth and gums in the most natural way possible. This formula is fluoride-free and includes sea buckthorn to reduce gum aggravation from frequent or vigorous brushing. It further incorporates wasabi japonica and cardamom to keep up that fresh breath. You will be left with a much more refreshing and confident smile.

APA Beauty: White Toothpaste

A brilliantly advanced whitening toothpaste. It will help strengthen and remineralise your teeth while boosting their whiteness. Think of this as the key to brightness in a tube. The formula utilizes technology that will scrub off the surface stains cause by everyday life while the hydroxyapatite will help rebuild the surface of your teeth. This will prevent decay-causing plaque and tartar build-up without fluoride.

Marvis: Jasmine Mint Toothpaste

A brand that will deliver on its promise of toothpastes that work while having a range of delicious flavours. It ranges from Cinnamon to Ginger, from Jasmine to Liquorice, and from Aquatic to Classic Strong Mint. This is the stylish and contemporary update you need for your bathroom routine. It has that touch of uniqueness and still cleanses, freshens your breath, removes tartar and plaque, and keeps your gums in top shape.

Dr. Harris & Co.: Spearmint Toothpaste

A genuinely delightful spearmint toothpaste. I honestly am not a huge fan of spearmint, but I am on my own on that one, so I will give you ones that I don’t mind all that much. This formula is fluoride-free and its flavour is enhanced by the aloe vera. It holds the royal warrants to Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Your mouth and gums will feel ultra-clean, ultra-fresh and ultra-royal.

Selahatin: Amorist

A product with a more artisan touch. I recommend Amorist by Selahatin that incorporates flavours of green mint, peppermint and menthol. This a whitening toothpaste and really delivers on its promise for bright pearly whites. You can really tell their products have been inspired by the world of perfumes and they look great on any bathroom countertop.

Horace: Toothpaste

A company that specializes in grooming for men, but I think it does the job well for any gender, since it will keep your teeth clean and white. The whitening toothpaste contains iris and lime extracts that help whiten your teeth. Meanwhile, the coconut extract will help sanitize your mouth. This formula is fluoride-free, sulfate-free and titanium dioxide-free.

Boka: Ela Mint Toothpaste

The Boka Toothpaste trade fluoride in for hydroxyapatite which makes up the primary foundation of teeth and bones. This product will help that naturally restorative process while reducing sensitivity. This formula is also biocompatible and non-toxic. It contains soothing aloe vera, antioxidant-rich great tea, bacteria-fighting xylitol and refreshing mint.

Davids: Natural Toothpaste

The Davids Natural Toothpaste provides natural whitening, removes plaque and freshens the breath. It’s also fluoride-free and SLS free. Their ingredients are naturally sourced and naturally delivered. They don’t contain artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours or preservatives. They don’t test on animals. These toothpastes come in recyclable metal tubes, too.

Corsodyl: Complete Protection Toothpaste

The Corsodyl Toothpaste is more for me than anyone else. All my friends hate the taste but once you finally get past that you will be in a world of healthy and protected teeth. I care about my gums and this toothpaste will physically remove the build of plaque bacteria along the gum line. It’s great having pearly whites, but you should ensure you have healthy gums, for they are the foundation of strong teeth.

Georganics: English Peppermint Natural Toothtablets

The Georganics Toothtablets are possibly the best in the market. They provide a refreshing and clean way of brushing your teeth as these tablets naturally foam. A perfect alternative for those looking to reductive their non-recyclable waste. These tablets are free from ingredients like Sodium Fluoride, SLS and Glycerin. Just chew one tablet in your mouth, let it dissolve, then brush as usual for two minutes.

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