The Safest (Affordable) Summer Destinations to Visit After Lockdown

Photo by Artiom Vallat on Unsplash

For those of us yearning to go on holiday after nearly 3 months of isolation, here are some of the safest summer destinations for students to visit post-quarantine. 


Greece – a summer cliché. With the country opening its borders to international tourism after July 1 and with its effective lockdown restrictions, it has become one of the safest summer destinations for those seeking to escape from this new normal we are all experiencing. With 6,000 islands, and mainland Greece there is definitely something for every student, the classic picturesque islands are a once in a lifetime experience made for everyone and anyone. Here, a water-bottle costs 0.50, and a cold coffee can cost €2. You can hop on a ferry and visit one of the many islands filled with natural beauty and friendly people. The closest islands to Athens are the Cyclades. 

Let me suggest a less mainstream holiday option. Koufonisia consists of a small and an even smaller island in the outer Cyclades. You can take the ferry to “Ano” Koufonisi (the bigger island of the two), where you can then take a small boat to “Kato” Koufonisi for €5. This is a petite island – the lack of electricity says so – consisting of only one taverna, where students can camp to unwind. 

Photograph by Eirini Sampson


Cyprus has also expressed its eagerness to start up the tourism industry after June 15. Mandatory quarantine has come to an end as the country prepares to welcome tourists. There are many beautiful cities to visit during the summer – and, like Greece, there is something for everyone and anyone. The beautiful beaches in Protaras for the sun-lovers, or Paphos for history-lovers! For the city-lovers, Larnaca is arguably the best destination. With the lifting of lockdown, the country is keen to welcome international tourists back into its beautiful cities and beaches. 


There are many European counties that heavily depend on tourism as their main source of income. Paradoxically, two of the worst victims of COVID-19 – Spain and Italy – have both announced the re-opening of their borders to European guests with the lifting of a mandatory quarantine for tourists after mid-June. 

Porto, Portugal– for the wine lovers who have missed a good glass of wine. The city is a train ride from Lisbon starting from €10, and it is yet another charming European town to visit on a budget. The government has announced its eagerness to welcome tourists after mid-June, and the magnetic energy of the city should definitely be added in the list of a vacation-longing student. 

The hecticness of the last 3 months of isolation, got us from meeting each other every day in front of our favourite coffee-shops, to packing up our belongings from our apartments in a frenzy to catch the next train or flight to wherever home is. There are many countries in Europe who depend on their annual income generated from tourists. My (controversial) opinion is that these destinations are the safest exactly because they have tirelessly tried to put safe regulations in place for tourism to start again. Yes, the end of lockdown does not mean the end of the pandemic, but a vacation to any safe and affordable destination can be exactly what we need after 3 months of seclusion. 

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