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Tik Tok is changing beauty standards for Generation Z. The app is further changing the way brands approach advertising and grabs hold of a viewer’s attention. We are pushing out the diet supplements, teeth whiteners and slimming teas. Instagram is a renowned for its curated influencers. This fake world and all of its harmful effects are being pushed aside for the approaches to beauty on Tik Tok. There are new aesthetics, style tips and emerging beauty tutorials from Tik Tok. These beauty standards are far more interesting and for more supportive.

We are going to start with the VSCO girl. They are named after the photo-editing app VSCO (Visual Supply Company) which is known for its flattering and soft filters. These girls are otherwise described as ‘basic’ since they are primarily skinny, white, wear scrunchies, puka shell necklaces and friendship bracelets. Then there is the E-Girl, or rather an ‘electronic girl’, and she defined as a hot girl online. There are associated visible characteristics that come with the aesthetic. They usually never wear their natural hair colour, wearing winged eyeliner and most of her clothes are either thrifted or found in so-called alternative online fast fashion retailers. Yes, the term is derogatory, it implies that they are only concerned about their time online and how hot they are – but that is a different topic. You also have your Soft Girls, or rather a hyper-feminine and hyper-anime version of the E-Girl, if you have watched Sailor Moon then you get the general idea.

The Tik Tok community is not about forcing you to look a certain way though nor is it about selling an identity that an influencer is telling you to resemble. Users can create who they want to be in their own space and choose to collaborate with others while Instagram has created a more singular and isolated space. This space is about what makes you feel good and there is encouragement in this space. Again, there are certain pitfalls in the world of Tik Tok, but it must be remembered that it acts as an area for self-expression.

Brands, such as Fenty Beauty and Glossier have bought into the app, the former even has created their own collaborative content-making house. These brands can now create more unfiltered content without having to invest in professional photographers and studio campaigns. Even though COVID-19 hindered the plans for the house three weeks into its debut, it is still the first Tik Tok house dedicated to promoting a beauty brand, and their shift to promoting from remote locations shows how handy Tik Tok is for the beauty industry is in these trying times. They can tap into the audiences of users as they post content for the brands remotely.

Fenty Beauty, more importantly, fits with the core ethos of Tik Tok. They promoted inclusivity and diversity in all of their campaigns which makes them the perfect brand for Tik Tok. Therefore, investing in the Tik Tok beauty community is vital for many brands. They can avoid product promotion, something highly unappealing in the Gen Z demographic, and have chosen to create a rapport with their customers. They are creating and building on communities that make them feel a part of the brand. It signifies a shift in advertising as the fake has now become organic.

Beauty is no longer homogenous. Tik Tok is all about experimenting. It is about colour, shade and shape. It is also about top knots, dewy skin and freckles. You can embrace the style you desire the most. It is also easily accessible. You can find all the beauty hacks you need. You need some blush? Get some lipstick and gently tap it on your cheekbones, nose and upper lip. Instead of shelling out a lot of money for an expensive body highlighter, you can find instructions on combining baby oil with powdered highlighter. That is why beauty brands are now moving over to Tik Tok with its hundreds of millions of users immediately being greeted with a beauty advert. Tik Tok is usurping Instagram as the destination for all things beauty in more ways than you initially thought.

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