A Bra Guide

The majority of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. Why does that matter? Well, the correct bra is there to reduce breast, upper back and shoulder pain. Another important reason to wear the correct bra is that the underwire should not be digging into your breast tissue. How do you find the right bra for yourself? What type of bra should you purchase for yourself? That’s where I come into the mix.

When getting the right bra size there are a few things you should be aware of. The right size for the back and the band. It should never feel too tight, nor should it feel too lose, it should be firm and comfortable to wear. Your cup size will likely differentiate when wearing different type of bras. Your bra shouldn’t hurt, that’s why you must always try it, before you buy it.

There are a few things you need to take note of when trying on bras. First, the straps must sit comfortably on the shoulders, there is no point rushing in and out of the changing room so you should adjust them in there. The band must also fit and sit correctly under your bust, it should be firm but comfortable. That takes us to the underwire, which must sit flat against your chest, and flat behind the breast tissue. As for the underhand, it must be parallel around the body, then you can check if your breasts look and feel supported. The last thing to look out for is whether there is any overspill in the cup. There are so many things to look out for when trying on bras, so it’s not something you should rush through, or be afraid to ask assistance with.

What kinds of bras can you purchase then?


The balconette bra offers a rounded shape and is brilliant for support with less coverage than a full cup bra. You can find the straps to be wider set and they are joined at the side of the cup rather than the center.


The plunge means less coverage for the same level of support. These work, particularly if you have larger breasts, on low-cut outfits. They are really comfortable and don’t leave lines peeking out the top of clothes.

Full Cup

The full cup is pretty simple, you get full support, and full coverage. This is the shape that keeps you secure. You will notice that the straps are also a little closer, they join at the centre, so never worry about slipping.


The t-shirt bra is seam-free, or rather molded, which means the cups have a fixed shape and give smooth lines under clothing. They can come padded or lightly lined. You just have to find the silhouette you like best!


The strapless bra is self-explanatory, a bra that comes without straps, and they give more freedom to wear different type of tops. These bras are designed a little tighter, so it prevents slipping.

Half Cup

The half-cup, or demi-cup depending on the brand, doesn’t provide the same coverage as a balconette bra. They give the breasts and uplifted shape, boosting them from the bottom, and keeping the volume below.


The front-fastening keeps the clasp between the breasts. These are simple to get on and off. If you have a lower cut outfit, then you should opt for this, as they have a low centre and wider set wires.


The bralette is usually non-wired and provides lighter support. These are perfect for those with larger breasts to lounge around in or if you want light support throughout the day.


The non-wired bra is basically a bra without any wiring. They don’t offer as much support as the bras that do have underwire, still, they give a soft fit and adhere to the natural shape of the breasts.

Sleep Bra

The sleep is specifically designed for those who desire a little bit of support when lounging around the house or sleeping. These are non-wired, have a soft band, and the straps are padded for your extra comfort.

Sports Bra

The sports bra will keep your breasts in place by holding them to the chest for optimum hold and promises little movement. They are made from a non-stretch fabric, so it reduces much of the jiggle when working out.

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