#BLM: Liberty Set Us Free


Dear liberty,


I was taught that liberty means freedom,

from a caging society,

meant to pluck our wings,

is this true?

If this is true,

why does my heart beat faster

every-time I wave bye to my family?

A vision of death weaving between my eyes,

my mind betraying me,

whispering of funerals,

dressed in black,

ears ringing with the sound of a thousand tears.


And my love wearing a peaceful expression,

eyes no longer able to see colour,

resting for eternity,

in darkness

free from brutality.

And I am always yearning,

for a safe return,

burdened with truths,

I wish not to speak to my children.


Oh Liberty,


How do I tell them?

To beware of the beast masked in human skin,

promising despairs and eternal goodbyes,

a gun in hand to separate them from their loved ones.

Self-defence, protection being thrown around,

excuses to lessen the consequences of damnation.


And we are expected to suffer silently,

mouths stitched,

and silence rains,

while other families suffer the same fate.


Dear liberty,


Lift our voices,

till heaven rings,

with guiding light,

rejoicing in our rise.


Oh Liberty,


Safe and sound we sing,

loud as roaring lions,

reaching high above to the listening skies.

Stiches removed,

as we find our voice.

No longer wishing for a miracle,

but praying to have strength,

to be the change.


Let us sing,

for we are no longer silent,

as the sun rises promising hope,

witnessing our first steps,

towards a new world.


Dear liberty,


Change is happening,

and we will rise,

to be seen as human first,

colour and race second.


Liberty, set us free.


( Image credits: 99.films – https://unsplash.com/photos/KBZEYMwiO2A  )


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