#BLM: Reversing Mindsets > Reliving History


history will continue to repeat itself.

So, we should not believe that

everyone will stand together as one.

it may come as a surprise, however,

Each individual can make a difference

is a universal lie.

change cannot happen,

in 10 years, I can tell my children that

I have my priorities straight because

the ease of maintaining ignorance and obliviousness of white privilege,


the importance of educating ourselves and starting conversations,

I tell you this:

once upon a time,

There were riots and protests worldwide

but this will not continue in our era.

history has taught us that we should not protest;

Some people say

it is not our fight and we should not be involved.

So, I do not conclude that

all people will speak up against injustice.

In the future, as before,

Racism does not exist here’.

No longer can it be said that

black lives matter.

It will be evident that

police brutality and systematic racism is inevitable.

It is foolish to presume that

We can end racism in our time.

[Now read it backwards. This is what happens when we reverse our mindsets.]


( Image credits: Keith Helfrich – https://unsplash.com/photos/7_tuErZ-WHk)



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