Creating Your Instagram Face

From Face Tune to Thread Lifts: getting the ‘perfect’ face by moving on from photo-editing apps to non-surgical procedures.

Instagram filters push for the same face structure. A chiseled jawline, full lips, a thin nose, cat-like eyes and raised eyebrows. You’re blemish-free and wrinkle-free, too. These trends can be attributed to Face Tune as well. Nowadays, many celebrities seemingly have the same face thanks to the photo-editing app, but some users are now taking a step further and committing to another non-surgical procedure offline. I say ‘another’ because lip fillers, nose fillers and many other procedures are already in the mainstream.

The one that is currently trending is the ‘Thread Lift’. This essentially helps pull your face and gives you the cat eyes you can see on your favourite influencers and celebrities at the moment. If you’re looking for a little more accurate description, they are a non-surgical brow lift, whereby a small dissolvable thread is inserted into the face and pulls up the skin. They can be placed anywhere on the face, or the body, and give you the real-life effects of Face Tune.

This procedure isn’t a new one, I’ve heard murmurings about it in the beauty community for a while now, but they have entered the mainstream because of the cat-eye look that celebrities regularly have. Bella Hadid was considered the “most beautiful women” for her golden ratio facial proportions. Instagram filters strive to copy that look. Face Tuners strive to edit that shape into existence. It’s become the aesthetic of Instagram culture; hence critics denote it as the ‘Instagram Face’ whereby people attempt to get that cat-eye effect. Although, it’s not beloved by all, I remember first trying the filters out back in November. I hated them at first then I grew to love my distorted face. I quickly snapped out of it, but not everyone can when it comes to facial dysmorphia, that’s why changing these filters is so important.

These threads aren’t permanent. They provide customers with a ‘lift’ effect for a few weeks but once the body absorbs them the ‘lift’ disappears. If you’re looking for a permanent option, then thread lifts are not going to give you that, but there is a little lasting effect on your body. The body absorbs the thread and collagen forms around the area with the lift. You can achieve the lift effect over time, however you’ll need to repeat the process a few more times for the collagen response to be noticeable, especially if you want the Instagram Face aesthetic.

Still, you shouldn’t get the procedure more than twice a year, as it can cause damage in certain areas if overdone. The thread lift isn’t dangerous when administered by a board-certified physician, but the location of where you want it can be, and why you want them inserted to begin with. The Instagram Face means that the temple and eyebrow are areas where the thread is inserted, by repeating the procedure too many times, you could create scar tissue and trauma. There is also the increased risk of foreign body rejection which is fancy talk for your immune system trying to destroy and push the thread out. For those looking for a more permanent Instagram Face aesthetic then you’re looking at a surgical procedure.

Should you get a thread lift? Well, that’s up to you, but I have to remind you that the Instagram Face is one of the many trends that will come to fade.

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