Listeners Are Off to Wonderland with Jake Bugg’s ‘Rabbit Hole’

Jake Bugg has graced listeners’ ears once again with his new track ‘Rabbit Hole’ – a fan favourite before it was even released!

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - AUGUST 30: Jake Bugg performs on stage during Day 1 of Fusion Festival 2019 on August 30, 2019 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Joseph Okpako/WireImage)

Jake Bugg has finally returned from his hiatus and listeners are living for his new music. After taking a year out, and then signing with Sony’s RCA Records, he released the singles ‘Kiss Like The Sun’ late last year, and ‘Saviours of the City’ in early 2020. ‘Saviours’ is a beautiful acoustic track, just a lone guitar and Bugg’s haunting voice. It’s solemn, heartfelt and heavily relatable to the current state of the world. Bugg wasn’t planning on releasing ‘Saviours’ so early on but explained that he 

“wrote this last year with my mate Robert (ONR). It’s a song I didn’t envisage releasing this early, but it seems to resonate with what’s going on right now and makes sense of it for me in some ways”. 


The song is simple, yet effective in its desired effect and message. The chorus repeats the lines “We were born to be/ Saviours of the city/ We were never meant to see”. This doesn’t just ring true for the pandemic, but also for the Black Lives Matter movement, too. We can all be saviours of our city, and the world, if we try hard enough and come together to unite as one. A beautifully shot short film also accompanies the track, directed by Bugg and High Art and is definitely worth a watch and a listen. 



But now, the indie King has brought out his dramatically different new track ‘Rabbit Hole’. 

‘Rabbit Hole’ was already well known by many fans before it came out officially. After the banging track became a favourite to play at live shows, fans insisted on Bugg releasing it as a single. Commenting on the new release, he explained:

“I wrote and recorded this in LA about a year ago. It was an instant one for me and went straight into the live set for the last two tours. I’ve had loads of requests to release it, so I’m excited to get this one out there”


This artist already has four studio albums under his belt, including his 2012, self-titled debut album Jake Bugg. This includes one of his biggest and well-known hits ‘Broken’, which I adore. I think it’s safe to say that Jake Bugg has some experience in the music industry, and isn’t stopping there. Hopefully, his fifth album is right around the corner (please, Jake?).

Bugg performed at gigs across the UK earlier this year, but his tour was sadly put on hold due to lockdown. One good thing is that listeners can memorise the lyrics to this brand new track before the next show.  



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Rabbit Hole. Tomorrow.

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A strong and punchy electric guitar riff kicks off the song, immediately gripping listeners with its catchy sound. Bugg’s unique voice then comes centre stage. Bugg states “I/ Feel like getting high”. From the first line, listeners are already engrossed in this dazed, yet enthralling track. The pauses between the lyrics only further show off a jaw-dropping guitar riff, making it a staple element of the track from the offset. Bugg goes on to tell listeners that he wants to escape his mind and his troubles. He sings “Make me something strong/ Act like nothing’s wrong”. Here we have the typical ‘let’s get drunk out of our heads to forget our problems’ line. But let’s be real, no matter how cliche it might be, it rings true for most of us. 


Next, for the pre-chorus, the instrumental is softened. The enchanting guitar strums the chords, replacing the harsh note plucking, and Bugg’s voice wistfully flows along with it. It’s almost as if you’re being carried away with him down that rabbit hole while you listen. 

The chorus then comes in hard and packs a punch, the tempo picking up once again and the drums creating a steady but energetic beat to accompany those dynamic vocals. Buggs vocals excel on this track, showing listeners just how talented he really is. The range used throughout is impressive and matches up with the instrumentation perfectly. Bugg tells us in the chorus that 

“I’m one knee down the rabbit hole/ I think I’ve done it all/ How can I convince myself/ That it’s all in my head?” 


He starts to believe that what he is seeing and hearing might actually be real. Perhaps that “something strong” is starting to kick in. 



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New single ‘Rabbit Hole’ out now. Listen at the link in bio and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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This track has an old-school vibe to it that we don’t really hear from many artists nowadays, and frankly, I am living for it. These punk, indie, and grunge vibes from Bugg make such a difference from his past tracks, which incorporated a lot of acoustic, folk sounds instead. I like this new change and it once again demonstrates Bugg’s musical diversity. He can go from ‘Saviours of the City’, a track that makes listeners reflect and think on the world we live in, to ‘Rabbit Hole’, a completely different experience.


This new record is darker, sexier and most importantly, fun to listen to. There’s something about ‘Rabbit Hole’ that makes listeners want to move to that addictive beat and never stop. You feel reckless, seductive and alive all at the same time when hearing this new release. Hopefully, Bugg will be giving us more of this with his upcoming album. 


Jake Bugg’s ‘Rabbit Hole’ is a grungy, exhilarating tune that catches your attention from the second you press play. Listen to the new track below: 


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