The Academy Music Business’ Casual Misogyny

The common issue of sexist slurs and discrimination over social media contributes to a much bigger problem.


Sexism is deep-rooted into our society. It has leaked into every crevice, infiltrating politics, the film industry, the health sector, and the music industry. Sexist micro-aggressions are the fuel to the fire that is rape culture. The constant sexualisation of women – the use of degrading phrases such as ‘hoe’, ‘slut’ and ‘she was asking for it’ are the very tools that prevent men from being charged with sexual assault. Women are afraid of very basic actions that men take for granted – from being able to walk alone at night, to being able to dance in a nightclub without getting groped. It’s upsetting, it’s dangerous, and it shouldn’t be dismissed. 


As a Twitter user posted his experience of being turned down by another woman, The Academy Music Business, an influential online music school offering courses and education in exchange for membership, replied:



After Twitter user Sam McQuiggan criticised the tweet, branding it ‘casual misogyny’ The Academy Music Business account (ran by Benjamin Enfield) responded again:


Sadly, it doesn’t quite end there.


Sam took to her Instagram story to express her personal frustration towards the tweets, made by an influential business with a huge social media following. Musicians following the company (as of June 2020) include Justin Bieber, Little Mix, Missy Elliot, Jamie Oborne, amongst others. The company’s tweets can reach up to a million different accounts, potentially spreading sexist stereotypes to a million different eyes. Casual misogyny exists everywhere, but it’s even more concerning when these ideas and so-called jokes exist on the accounts of the influential. As Enfield was tagged in these stories, he responded to McQuiggan with the following:

Screenshots provided by Sam McQuiggan.


The phrases ‘snowflake’ and ‘can’t take a joke’ are used to silence those who speak out when they are uncomfortable. ‘I don’t support hoes’ suggests that the number of people a woman has slept with dictates their worth and eligibility for respect. Sexist jokes enable the continuation of the rape culture narrative, pushing the blame onto the victim and diminishing the hurt caused by the constant, unnecessary sexualisation and criticism that women face. 




We approached The Academy Music Business for a comment, and this was their responses*:


‘Not my fault Northern Girls have a bad reputation. And not my fault you guys want free speech but try to silence others. Have a good [sic].’ 


‘Feminists need to take a joke, she’s mad because of a tweet on a guy’s post, Northern girls do have a bad rep but my tweet was purely a joke, the sensitive should really stay off Twitter because that was nothing compared to what a lot of people tweet, she’s only targeting me because I’m verified’. 


‘Hope you found the original tweet, my comments was on on how the girl who tried to him down lol [sic]’. ‘Out of all the replies to expose the girl who called him ugly plus all the other tweets she targetted my account then went to ig to do something, it’s not my fault she can’t take a joke & I’m sure she’s your friend’.


The drip effect exists, and it hurts. Constant casual misogyny establishes a power balance, solidifying the idea that a women’s worth is determined by her sexuality, by her ‘hoe-ness’. Sexism should be challenged in every form, whether it’s coming from politicians, from CEOs, from influencers, from anyone. It begins with holding those around us accountable and is carried by those with power and influence joining the movement. 


If you are facing discrimination and you are unsure where to turn, visit Rights of, where women can consult and confirm their rights, including laws on sexual harassment. 


CUB Magazine does not stand for oppression in any form, including misogyny. 


*These responses were all taken directly from their source, sent via DM on Twitter. 

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