There are so many heels to choose from that it’s often hard to decide which one to purchase. There are even the smallest differences between similar shoes. I have put together a list of the most common types of heel you can purchase. This is not an exhaustive list, otherwise we’d be here all day, but I have enough for you all to get started on understanding which heels you want to try out!


The pump is often mistaken for the stiletto. I can assure they are not the same. A pump is relatively shorter than a stiletto. They are usually three or four inches in height. The front also sits lower on the floor if you compare them to the stiletto.


The classic heel that every girl should grab a pair of. You cannot go wrong with a good stiletto. They range from four to six inches of elevation. These shoes are closed at the front and come in a plethora of designs. If you grab a nude pair, you are sorted for so many occasions, and days on campus or at work.


My favourite type of heel. They are thick and chunky at the front of the shoe. These are more comfortable to walk in than your standard pointed shoe.


The heel for anyone who doesn’t want anything quite that high. These heels are comfortable while adding a bit of height. They are not seriously high, nor are they seriously thin, and work to elevate virtually any outfit. Pick up a pair of these for the summer.

Peep Toe

These heels can come in all lengths. They are relatively easy to identify because they come with an opening at the front of the shoe. You can see one or two of the toes, they look like they peeping, hence the name of the peep toe. These are not to be confused with the open toe shoe.

Open Toe

These heels can similarly come in all lengths. These are different to the peep toe but they still have opening at the front of the shoe. The entirety of the tip is cut away, so all the toes are exposed. These are the best in the summer or when you’re dancing up a storm.


The vamp and the sides of the shoe of the foot are cut away. They reveal the arch of the foot and a few of the toes. These were named after Count Alfred d’Orsay, a 19th-century “dandy”, an artists and friend of Lord Byron. These were originally worn by men at the time, but cut-out sides are now used for wider feet.


If you hate how stilettos or pumps fit on the backs of your feet, then you should give the slingback a go. They have straps that cinch the shoe together and place more focus on how the front of the shoe and the feet looks. These shoes are more convenient than your other popularized heels.

Ankle Strap

They are different from the slingback but don’t compromise on any security. If you want to make sure your heels stay in place, then pick up an ankle strap heel. They are perfect for events where you need to keep your heels on for a long time without them slipping off.


The option you go for when you just don’t want to walk in those piercing stilettos. This is also the best option for those who love wearing heels but cannot seem to walk in them. Your weight will be evenly distributed throughout, making sure you’re balanced, and comfortable throughout the strut.


Another favourite type of heel for me. Whenever I am dancing the night away, I need a chunky heel, since it’ll keep me upright all night long. The heel is bulky and solid which makes it really easy to walk on. They also draw more attention to how wonderful your shoes and pedicure looks.

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