Asking For It

TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual harassment. 


“She’s asking for it by wearing that dress”

Clothes should not put one

under duress. So, if it’s a one-off, or

a person must’ve been acting flirty,

why do I, a lesbian, feel so dirty?

“But what about those who lie about rape?”

Statistics that account for less

than one percent should not be valued

over consent.

“I’ve known them for years, they’re not like that”

I’ll never feel clean, but as long as

your son is living his dream.

A woman must sit down and

know her place, and another, cannot suffer

because of gender, or race.

We’re taught to act a certain way, for fear of inciting another’s rage.

l followed all the rules, I stayed in my lane. All in vain.

Was it wrong place, wrong time?

I must have been asking for it.

I must be insane. I’m

tearing myself apart and nothing seems to change, words are just words until actions become “blame” I’m hurting I’m dirty It’s My Fault I’m In Pain.


I breathe in.

I breathe out.


Will I ever feel clean, or whole again, or sane?


I did not ask for it, at age 18, in Draper’s nightclub, wearing a bralette and dancing with friends on the first night of Freshers.


I did not ask for it, at age 17, wearing a silver slip dress, dancing at a Charli XCX concert.


I did not ask for it, at age 17, when I was wearing my favourite skirt and crop top, asleep and drunk at a party.


I did not ask for it, at age 16, every day at work, wearing my work uniform, of black jeans

and an oversized black polo.


I did not ask for it, at age 14, wearing a white long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans.


I did not ask for it, at age 12, wearing my school uniform on the bus.

I did not ask for it. And neither did they.



Image credits: Gem Stokes – ‘Free the People’ Echo Park, LA 

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