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You’re looking to recreate your favourite celebrity makeup looks? Great, I’m bringing their makeup artists directly to you!

There’s always that one look we’ve seen during awards season, or at the Met Gala, that we’re looking to try out ourselves. Thanks to social media we can go directly to the source for ourselves. We can see how our favourite celebrity looks have been put together, learn the intricacies of an MUA’s artistry, and pick up some great tips and tricks to get the most out of your full glam. There is an abundance of artists on Instagram, some with massive followings, and they are showing us how it’s done. Still, it’s not always easy to track each and every one you need to check out, luckily for you I have made a good attempt of finding the good ones. I have put together the list of celebrity MUAs you need to be following ASAP!

Gucci Westman: @gucciwestman

I’m starting off with the classics. You cannot go wrong with Gucci Westman’s artistry, for she delivers on that girl-next-door makeup and will give you inspiration on how to simplify your everyday look while remaining your glamorous self. You will find that she has worked with Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon among others. She has also launched her own brand and there are so many products you need to check out!

Charlotte Tilbury: @ctilburymakeup

You will find that Charlotte Tilbury has worked with Kate Moss, Amal Clooney and Natalie Portman in a large list of celebrity clientele. She will let you in all the tips and tricks that have her clients red-carpet ready. You will find an abundance of information on how to achieve that dewy, goddess-like, and old Hollywood makeup that she is known for. Her line of makeup is also fabulous and definitely worth a try.

Patrick Ta: @patrickta

If you’re looking for that perfect glow, then Patrick Ta is another great MUA to follow, because he will show you how to achieve glossy cheeks to shiny collarbones. You’ll find much of his work to fit in well with the L.A. lifestyle. His feed is filled with your favourite models and celebrities, such as Gigi Hadid, Shay Mitchell and Tik Tok personality Addison Rae, rocking his classic smokey eye with sun-kissed cheeks.

Pat McGrath: @patmcgrath

This is your one-stop-shop for out-of-the-box makeup designs. You never really know what to expect from Pat McGrath, but the one thing you can count on is that she’ll have something different, something totally fabulous. She has worked with Kelly Rowland, Naomi Campbell and Yara Shahidi. When I saw the work she did on Shahidi, that’s when I knew I needed to learn how to make innovative graphic liner designs from her.

Mario Dedivanovic: @makeupbymario

You’re probably coming to Mario Dedivanovic to recreate one of your favourite looks that he has done on the Kardashians. I wouldn’t blame you either. He made contouring go viral and holds serious power for creating makeup trends on Instagram with his following. If you want to learn how to look airbrushed in person with just a few neutrals then his feed is your best bet!


Hung Vanngo: @hungvanngo

You may not have heard of Hung Vanngo, but you should add it to the list of names you should, since he has been doing the makeup for A-listers for a while now. His feed includes celebrities like Selena Gomez, Zoey Deutch and Emily Ratajkowski. Head over to the account to find your favourite natural and smokey looks from a range of celebrities.

Jo Baker: @missjobaker

I am currently obsessed with how Jo Baker works with colours and lines. You could think of her work as taking an abstract painting and reworking it for the face. They are truly beautiful. She worked with Lucy Boynton, Karen Gillan and Maude Apatow. For those of you seeking more creative and daring celebrity makeup then Jo Baker’s page is where you should be heading.

Vincent Oquendo: @makeupvincent

His clientele is far and wide, pick a name, and he’s probably done their makeup. Vincent Oquendo is aware of how to accentuate a face’s best features and elevate the facial structure in even the most simple looks. He works well with colour, too. It’s incorporated in the simplest ways, but works oh so well, so you should give his account a follow if you’re beginning to incorporate colour into your makeup.

Nikki Wolf: @nikki_makeup

So, you want to learn how to do more complicated eyeliner? Great! Nikki Wolf is my go-to person for this. I wanted to re-create a sixties eyeliner look, while I am not very good at the moment, I am still improving and she is showing us how to achieve that same look. She also works with different colours and textures, so you never have to worry about doing the same thing as everyone else, now give her a follow!

Allan Avendano: @allanface

For those of you looking to perfect their shimmery or glittery eyelids, then Allan Avendano is the person to be following, because he knows how to work that product well. Avendano has worked with Lucy Hale, Joey King and Katie Stevens among a plethora of other high-profile celebrities. I have been inspired to recreate that same sparkle he gives his clients numerous times, so definitely give this page a follow.

Katie Jane Hughes: @katiejanehughes

I recommend Katie Jane Hughes for mastering the perfect cat eye. I don’t know how she does it, but Hughes blows me away every time I see her liner, it’s always sharp and on point. I love her feed because she shows how she experiments with different colours together and how she uses different textures for her eyelids. I wish I learned how to use eye gloss from her sooner!

Sir John: @sirjohn

Okay, so he’s Beyoncé’s makeup artist, and that’s how I am selling you on following his account for makeup inspiration. Is there anything more I need to say? Well, if you’re not sold on that point, then you’ll also find his work on Megan Thee Stallion and Joan Smalls. He will show you how to achieve that natural glamour all the way to seductive glamour.

Doniella Davy & Kirsten Sage Coleman: @donni.davy & @kirinrider

You’ll recognise these names because they worked on the makeup for Euphoria. Now, you know what you’re going to find here, pretty much anything goes. Davy and Coleman are going to show you, seriously up close and personal, how each and every gem and drop of glitter has been placed on the face. You should give them both a follow if you’re searching for creativity at its peak!

Hannah Murray: @hannah_murray1

You want to recreate Vogue Magazine make-up? Cool. Hannah Murray’s work has graced the magazine’s covers a few times now. You’ll also find her work through Topshop Beauty since the brand launched in 2010. I admire her approach to creating youthful looks through her own gaze and how she incorporates blush into her looks.

Mylah Morales: @mylahmorales

This one is for those who love Rihanna because this is her makeup artist. She has also worked with the talented Aja Naomi King, Zuri Adele and Persia White. Morales excels on creating different and iconic looks. The other exceptional part of her feed is that she also actively provides makeup ideas that suit people of colour, too, which is unfortunately something that can be hard to come by in the beauty industry.

Violette: @violette_fr

I added this to my list because Violette inspires me to unleash my inner-Parisian girl. Head over to her page to learn how to get that classic makeup the French are renowned for. The feed is filled with natural-looking hair, smudged eyes and beautiful lipstick. I recommend her work for those looking to change up, but simplify the process of their everyday look.

Sarah Tanno: @sarahtannomakeup

I have two words for you: Lady Gaga. Sarah Tanno will give you all the insider details on how Lady Gaga’s looks from Chromatica came together, more importantly, how the Haus Laboratories looks come together. If you want to recreate any of those looks then head over to Tanno’s Instagram page. She will show you how to unleash your creativity with a few tools!

Lisa Eldridge: @lisaeldridgemakeup

Her first look that I fell in love with was Dua Lipa’s at the Met Gala in 2019. If you want more of that kind of inspiration, then I highly suggest heading over to Lisa Eldridge’s Instagram page or YouTube channel, since it will come in droves. Eldridges work is easy to access, so you don’t have to worry about things becoming too complicated! You’ll also find her working with Keira Knightley and Emma Roberts.

Mai Quynh: @storyofmailife

Mai Quynh’s clientele is huge and includes Caitriona Balfe, Kiernan Shipka and Jess Paré. Sure, her page is filled with looks that will help you be red carpet ready on a daily basis, too. However, in between those are the real gems that are filled with pops of colour and texture. You can find everything from glitter to gems in those editorial looks.

Pati Dubroff: @patidubroff

I am culminating this list with the legendary Pati Dubroff. You can find her work on plenty of red carpet across the globe. You’ll also find much of her work with makeup in films, too. Dubroff is showcasing the looks she has created on her Instagram and will have you looking like a film star with a few of her tips in your arsenal. You can find her work on Emilia Clarke, Margot Robbie and Lily Collins.

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