Eyes Of A Child’: Christine And The Queens’ Sonically Serene Single

Rosie dives into Chris’ latest masterpiece, ‘Eyes Of A Child’, head first.

STRADBALLY, IRELAND - AUGUST 31: Heloise Letissier of Christine and the Queens performs on stage during Electric Picnic Music Festival 2019 at Stradbally Hall Estate on August 31, 2019 in Stradbally, Ireland. (Photo by Debbie Hickey/Getty Images)

Christine and The Queens gifted us with the five-track EP, La Vita Nuova in February and, once again, she returns in July with an emotional, heart wrenching single.  


‘Eyes Of A Child’ was crafted especially for the second season of Amazon Prime’s video series, HANNA. The high concept thriller and coming of age drama follows Hanna, a girl who is raised in the forest and tries to avoid the pursuit of an off the book CIA agent. 



Chris’ single may just be her most raw and emotional release to date. The French singer is renowned for her playful lyrics and gutsy instrumentals which are packed full of attitude. However, ‘Eyes Of A Child’ strips back the sass and replaces it with pure fragility. 


As is common in Chris’ music, her gentle vocals are the prime catalyst with their serene intonation. The flawless alternations between angelic highs and a wonderfully bold middle register are strong enough to give you chills. To accompany Chris’ sombre melodies, poignant harmonies can be heard haunting the whole track, but they become particularly present in the middle of the song, where a short melodic break ensues.



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Vocals are aided by little more than soft synth drones and an enchanting guitar solo as the track comes to a close, highlighting Chris’ raw talent when it comes to being minimalist. This song truly epitomises the notion that less, is often more. The song’s lyrics are solemn and heartbreakingly honest: ‘What is it that’s so bright about her? That made me so full of lies. She’s got the eyes of a child’. This track, in many ways, reminds me of ‘Mountains (we met)’, a wistful ballad on La Vita Nuova and my personal favourite on the artist’s EP. 



Over the years, Chris has shared different facets of herself with us; be it the bold, the frivolous, the feisty and now, the vulnerable. This new release is an unapologetic display of delicacy; the singer’s ability to write a song directly fitting HANNA, whilst also sounding true to herself, is something to be envied. 


As ever, I look forward to seeing Chris toy with emotions and personality further in the future!

You can stream the music video for ‘Eyes Of A Child’ below:

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