Falling In Lingerie


Whether it’s lacy or latex, floral or basics – what you wear under your clothes is just as important in making you feel sexy.


Lingerie. I know my 12-year-old mindset couldn’t even get past the idea of thongs and lace for the longest time, even up till very recently I threw on boy’s boxer shorts because I just felt comfortable in them. I never really explored lingerie because I never felt like my body type was right and I felt like I had to look a certain way before I could ever think about buying myself anything. But it’s something I urge everyone to try, because no matter your body type, you shouldn’t stop yourself from feeling sexy, and giving yourself the confidence boost you never knew you needed.

Here are my top 5 favourite sets of lingerie and lounge sets:

Lounge Underwear:

I cannot help but give credit to my friend Chandni Gugar for putting me on to this brand. Lounge is upcoming and fast growing in the underwear and lingerie industry and for the sets you buy, the quality and price are perfect. My favourite set that I have tried out from this underwear brand is the blossom balcony sets.

The blossom balcony sets are not only beautiful in terms of the range of colours they have (and I particularly love the teal set) but also, they do not feel like you are wearing lace or any crazy material which would irritate the skin. They are comfortable and can be worn everyday under any outfit. The sets retail for £50, and for the quality you are receiving the price is perfect and completely justified.

There are many other sets by lounge which I would recommend personally but my other favourite set by them is the bold mesh. Bold Mesh was sold out because it was a massive favourite and I was desperate to get hold of it and the moment that it was back in stock, I swiped two sets, one in black and one in red. The mesh gives it a comfortable vibe but also the way in which it takes shape and the colours you can get it in makes you feel beautiful wearing it because you still feel like you have put in some sort of effort into what you are wearing. These sets retail for a price of £35, I believe this makes it their cheapest set on the site so if you are looking for the perfect balance between comfortable and cute this is a set for you.


Now, if you are going to order from Shein my only recommendation is that you know your measurements and be aware that the sizing, as it is a lot smaller than it appears. I ordered one set from Shein since I had seen advertisements everywhere for the clothing brand and came across a beautiful butterfly set.

This butterfly set is shockingly stunning and extremely cheap. For a retail price of £8.99 this is a set that you should definitely try out, the set comes in two colours a blue / lilac style and also a black set. I personally bought the blue set and the experience of wearing it is magical, and I would quite literally have to say is a Disney princess in the form of lingerie. You can wear this set underneath anything but the power move? Wear this set under a slip dress.

Ann Summers:

If you haven’t heard of Ann Summers I am gonna assume you live under a rock, since this brand has been around for years and are experts in the field of lingerie. From Ann Summers, you can try their other lingerie sets but if you are looking for the perfect transition between lingerie and clothes for a night out, might I suggest one of their bodysuits.

For that casual glam, sensual and sexy look you can style bodysuits with anything from jeans to latex pants. The bodysuits have a flexibility that most lingerie sets do not have, because they offer a comfortable transition, and as someone who has not worn lingerie a lot, getting into bodysuits and trying them on has been a dramatic confidence boost, so this might be an option for you.

God Save Queens:

Lastly, but certainly not least, is a high-end luxury brand, God Save Queens. These sets are not something you would buy for your everyday wear, but they are beyond stunning and beautiful. You may recognize this brand if you’re familiar with most Instagram influencers and has even featured on pages of the likes of Kylie Jenner.

These items retail from £50 and above even up to £150 and more, so if you are going to buy from this brand make sure what you are buying is definitely something you are going to use and wear, but the brand definitely is worth it and has the ability to transform your confidence knowing that it is something you are wearing.

In the end, it is not about the price and how expensive your clothing is, it’s about how it makes you feel.

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