Hand Experiment: Tattoos


Temporary tattoos are the best to give your hand or any body part a glow up. There also good if you’re interested in a permanent tattoo and want to test-run how the design would look. The easiest way is to buy a tattoo sheet. Shien and Inkpot sell them at cheap prices. But if you’re too lazy to online shop and wait forever for your purchase (like me), then you can make one yourself with household supplies! There are a few techniques for a fun glow up:

Paper and Printer:

Silhouette papers can be used to make temporary tattoos. Blank decal paper from a retailer or any online store like Amazon can also be used.

• Find a design you like.
• Decide the color you’d like it to be.
• Load the paper into the printer, and if you’re using a Silhouette paper, make sure to print on its shiny side.
• Don’t forget to add a protective cover to the paper after printing to prevent it from getting damaged.
• Cut the design.
• Place the design face down against the part of your body where you want the tattoo to be. The image of the tattoo will appear reversed on your skin when you apply it, so make sure to flip it before applying.
• Don’t forget to remove the protective cover first.
• Then cover it with a damp cloth or paper towel. You don’t have to wet the paper thoroughly, just ensure it’s wet enough for the tattoo to transfer to your skin.
• Remove the paper and you have one temporary tattoo. Now go prank your parents by claiming its permanent!

Removing the tattoo:

• Your tattoo can last four to five days before it starts to fade. To remove it before then, scrub the tattoo area with soapy water and a scrub brush.


This is really easy to make. It’s the perfect for a Halloween or costume party, a play, or just to surprise your friends and family.
• Place a tracing/wax paper over the design you want and trace it out with eyeliner or a pencil.
• Clean the area of your skin where you want to put the design.
• Place the design you’ve traced on the desired area facing downward and dampen with a wet towel. Wait for 30 seconds before removing it.
• After removing the paper, use a marker or an eyeliner to make it darker.
• Test first if baby powder or hairspray gives you any adverse reaction before completing the next step
• Apply some baby powder on the skin and spray the hairspray over the design to keep it from coming off for a few hours.
• Your tattoo will take 1-3 days before it fades away.

Removing the eyeliner:

• Can easily wash off with warm soapy water. If you’re going to bed with your tattoo, the eyeliner in it can stain your bed sheets, so be careful!

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