Opposites Attract: Howling’s New Single ‘Lover/Dew ‘ is a Killer Soundscape

Eclectic duo ‘Howling’ transport listeners onto a plane of unlikely musical fusions.

The fusion of two standalone musicians always fascinates me. I’ve been acquainted with RY X’s independent work for around a year now, so when I heard about the duo, Howling, comprised of RY X and producer-slash-electronic artist, Frank Wiedemann, I was compelled to check out their music. I was not disappointed


The pair’s latest double single, ‘Lover/Dew’, is innovative and understated. Melding relaxed electronic beats with captivating vocal melodies, the music proves that electronic and acoustic styles can be two sides of the same coin, woven seamlessly to create a truly eclectic sound. 


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Diving right in with ‘Lover’, this track takes pride in a slow but steady musical build-up, starting lightly with a moderately pulsed drum beat and consistent bassline, which creates the track’s foundations. A catchy pattern of synth harmonies and RX Y’s beautifully toned vocals make an entrance around the same time, alongside piano chords which mirror the synth harmonies. The song’s melancholy, nostalgic atmosphere is complemented by the lyrics: ‘All I want is a part of your heart, now. All I want is a better lover’. The track is a chilled anthem for anyone suffering in love. 



‘Dew’, the other half of the title’s namesake, similarly utilizes a strong electronic synth riff as an undercurrent. This track certainly spotlights the nuances of electronica, with vocal melodies being notably absent until the final two minutes, showcasing Wiedemann’s artistry when it comes to electronic music. Minimalist influences such as Steve Reich and Philip Glass are particularly prevalent in ‘Dew’, with its repeated musical phrasing and layering of sounds/harmonies. 



RY X’s angelic vocals make a strong return on ‘Healing’, exploiting the highs of his vocal range in the melodies with accompanying airy harmonies. Much like ‘Lover’, this song also builds up the electronic sound gradually, beginning with simple drum patterns and tranquil synth drones layered under vocals, before folding in new drum patterns and techniques, as well as sound effects as the song progresses. With these techniques, the pair make the fusing of their contrasting styles seem effortless to listeners. 


The first two minutes of ‘Need You Now’ are scattered with extensive vocal hooks accompanied by a minimalist pulse before a short bridge-like section ensues which removes the drums completely. We find the track is stripped back to its foundations with suspended drone harmonies aiding vocals which are nothing short of haunting. As the penultimate track on the single and featured on a previous double single, we can see the experimentation in song structure when listening to Howling’s new release in succession. 



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‘Bind’ is the final track on the single and is also the shortest in length. The song has a distinctive electronic-dance style, with contagious rhythms used in upbeat sections and a cutting edge bassline to ground the music. RY X’s vocals are unmistakably relaxed, oscillating between mid and low range, giving the track a slightly dark edge. Being a more conventional track on the single, in terms of structure and length, it is interesting that the duo chose to end the single with it. 



It is clear that the two musicians thrive off each other’s musical talents despite their experience in different sonic fields. Experiencing Howling’s music has truly been an enriching experience and poses a perfect example of how musical differences can bring out the best in others. 


‘Lover/Dew’ is also a release in anticipation of their second album, ‘Colure’, due for release on July 24th, so keep your eyes peeled!



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the visual pieces for ‘healing / need you now’ are available to watch over on our youtube channel : link in bio

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