Post-Lockdown London Bucket List

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Although I don’t go out very often, I’m starting to feel trapped during lockdown, considering the only times I’ve been out were for shopping or to take a walk in the local park. 

My excitement to go out into the city after lockdown, and to leave the bubble of my local neighbourhood has only increased. Now that restaurants, museums, cinemas and other establishments will open from the 4th of July, I think it’s an appropriate time to create a bucket list of what to do in London post-lockdown.

1. Go to Wetherspoons with friends

My university friends and I did this quite often, especially between morning and afternoon lectures. It became something so expected and part of the routine, but this small aspect of the day is something that I miss. Having the freedom to chat and eat with friends, with not many worries (apart from worrying about exams perhaps) is something I would really appreciate once the opportunity arises again. Also, Wetherspoons is cheap, so it’s perfect for a student’s budget.

2. Relax and study at a cafe

Once I’m free to go to cafes and restaurants, I don’t even have to go with friends to enjoy myself (there can be problems with distancing once you have several people to sit around a table). I would love to just enjoy a nice drink, but not at home for once. People-watching, a nice view and music in my earphones sounds like a relaxing combination that I look forward to. 

A cafe that I would like to visit is the Host Cafe in the city of London, which is located within a beautiful gothic church. 

 3. Eat ramen at a restaurant

Although, I love my mum’s home-cooked food, I can’t deny I’m a bit of a foodie when it comes to eating out in London. I’m looking forward to being able to eat at most restaurants, but I especially crave a warm, rich brothy ramen from Shoryu or Kanada-Ya. The logistics of delivering ramen aren’t very straightforward, so eating ramen (I’m talking about real ramen here, not instant ramen) is something I can only do once the lockdown is eased.

4. Go see a film with friends

There were a few releases that had to be delayed or only released online, so I’d love to be able to catch up with these releases in the cinema. One of the films I hope to watch is A Quiet Place 2, which I believe is best to watch in the cinema, where every sound seems so much more important, creating even more tension in a film based on sound and its horrible consequences. 

If I can watch films with friends I haven’t seen in months, that makes the outing all the more enjoyable.

5. A shopping trip

Online shopping, although fun and easy, gets annoying if I have to return clothes and order them again when they don’t fit. Non-essential shops are open now, but most shops don’t allow you to try clothes, so as to minimise any possible spread of the virus. I’m excited to be able to try lots of clothes in the span of 10 minutes in the changing room, and know what clothes would look like on me before I purchase it. There are benefits to online shopping, but having that option to shop in-store would be highly appreciated.


I imagine my bucket list might look different to yours. If so, comment below!

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