The Eyeshadow For Your Eye Colour

What’s your go-to colour for your eye colour?

I say wear whichever eyeshadow colour you want! Although, this for those of us who have trouble deciding a certain colour palette on a given day, so it’s always good to have some flattering go-to colours in mind. This is your one-stop guide to learning which eyeshadows are most flattering on different eye colours.

Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, then I recommend very soft and more tonal shades. The reason for this is because the neutral eyeshadows and lighter tones work cohesively with the iciness of the blue. Again, this doesn’t mean you can’t opt for darker colours, or ones that smoke out your eyes. The softer colours, like champagne, are used to accentuate the brightness of the colour of your iris. By using harsher colours, you may distract others from the colour of your eyes, so find bright and airy colours.

Grey Eyes

There is a similar iciness between blue and grey. However, I suggest opting for a smokier shades for those of you with grey irises, something a little sooty. I am recommending these shades because they will help add depth to the mistier nature of your eye colour. The grey iris is much hazier and gives mysterious vibes, so you want to draw attention to them, especially given the rarity of the eye colour.

Green Eyes

Those with hazel eyes have more brown tones in the irises. This is for those who have irises that are heavier on the green. Your go-to colours would be much more muted because the irises are quite bright on their own. You rarely need to rely on brighter eyeshadows or distinct eyeliners to draw attention to your eye colour, so I recommend glittery brown that add that touch of colour and dimension to the eyes. You should also give the purple tones a try as they work well at accentuating green eyes.

Brown Eyes

For those of you with brown eyes, it’s much harder for me to recommend a go-to colour, because they can work with warm and cool tones effectively. Although, two colours do come out on top, pinks and golds. You just need to blend those colours into your crease and add a touch of a darker colour to add dimension. Try blending in your favourite nude pink with a touch of brown to accentuate your brown irises.

Dark Brown Eyes

If you have darker brown eyes, then don’t be shy with that pigment. You want to bring out strong shades like chocolate, bronzes or silvers. These colours will accentuate the darkness and chocolatey nature of your irises. They also help add dimension and widen the eyes and enhance that sparkle without lighting. Another great tip to accentuate your dark brown irises would be to add a dash of colour to your waterline. This will give your eyes that desired definition, I like a little black, but you should give brown and green a try.

Hazel Eyes

Get your hands on a pastel palette or a metallics palette if you have hazel eyes. You want to shy away from those shadows that will take attention away from the green and gold specks in your irises. It’s similar to how you would approach blue irises, those smokey shadows will draw attention away from the different colours in your irises. So, I recommend some beautiful shimmers and metallics, as they will accentuate the specks of colour in your eyes.

These are just the colours that will help accentuate the colour of your irises and they give you ideas of which colours could be your go-to options. My ethos is to experiment with every and any colour in the palette. I hope this helps you make quickly choosing a colour on the daily easier!

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