Trust Your Gut: The Killers ‘My Soul’s Own Warning’

Brandon Flowers – the only man to ever make me happy cry.

Everyone’s definitely heard The Killers. If you’re at Queen Mary University, it only takes a trip to the student union bar Drapers on a Monday night to hear ‘Mr Brightside’. However, their new albums boast many other hits. ‘My Soul’s Own Warning’ was recently released, and is set to feature on their upcoming album Imploding the Mirage. 


Back in October 2019, The Killers’ Instagram page teased its followers with a sneaky little snap of a whiteboard with some song titles on. This built an unbearable amount of suspense, especially for someone that knows how excellent The Killers are. They’ve been my favourite band since forever.

What I noticed first about their new release of ‘My Soul’s Own Warning’ was the amazing single cover, with an animated illustration of a Native American man. 



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I’ll be honest, The Killers’ sound and style have changed a bit, after Human, Sam’s Town, Hot Fuss, and Day and Age, the style has changed somewhat. This isn’t a bad thing, though, and Flowers’ vocals retain their pensive quality which I so loved in Wonderful Wonderful. ‘My Soul’s Own Warning’ has got a tiny bit of ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ kinda vibes, which I really love. 


“I tried going against my own soul’s warning / But in the end, something just didn’t feel right”


I feel the message of this song really deeply, that to go against your gut feelings isn’t always the right thing to do, and that the consequences of your own actions can sometimes result in hurting yourself. The song really explores the feeling of a feeling of failure, but not in a really downtrodden, “woe is me” kind of way. I like that it sounds as if this is a learnt lesson and not a current feeling of regret because when a song is backed by an uplifting guitar and some classic synth-style jingles, it’s impossible to feel sad listening to The Killers. 


“But man I thought I could fly / And when I hit the ground / It made a messed up sound / And it kept rattling through my days”


What I love about these lyrics is that you can read pretty much any downfall into them. It would seem, though, that Flowers is singing about breaking up with a woman and is working through his feelings about it. 


Despite me saying that The Killers have changed, their ‘Nevada dust-bowl’ vibes haven’t faded one bit. I’m so excited for Imploding The Mirage, and can’t wait to listen to what The Killers do next. Listen to ‘My Soul’s Own Warning’ below:


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