Your Nails For The Summer

I am coming to you with some major inspiration for your summer nails…

We’re in the middle of summer and I have been painting my nails relentlessly. You’ll probably find me with a new colour or new design the next day. Still, my art skills don’t translate well onto my nails, so I have gone to some of the greats for your dose of inspiration. There are some seriously cool and unique designs that are currently trending for you to check out. I have something for those wanting minimalist designs, dramatic art or anything in between. Let’s dive into this summer’s best nail looks!


Getting flames on the tips of your nails is very in right now. You can choose to get them in multiple colours or an awesome shade of neon. Just because there is little heat to talk about this summer doesn’t mean you can’t bring the heat to the edge of your fingertips.


I have seen a few fruity print designs. You’ll find that many people are feeling peachy or leaning a little more towards oranges. The fruit doesn’t have to be one of those two fruits, it can be any fruit you want, and I’m in love with the cherry designs!


There are your standard patterns. There are also your abstract patterns. It’s summer so try out a quirky one. You’ll find that there are few rules with these patterns, as counter-intuitive as that sounds, they all still come together really well.

Colour Block

It’s hard to deny how fabulous the colour block looks. This design requires very little effort or work. All it requires is bringing two distinct colours together. I think it’s really chic if they are together on one nail or two different polishes are used on separate hands.

Never the Same Colour Twice

This has been my favourite trend so far. I bought so many new polishes before lockdown and couldn’t wait to try them between my dissertation writing breaks. Well, I didn’t want to waste nail polish by jumping between all my colours all the time, so I just put a different colour on each finger. Just don’t repeat the same colour.

Changing the Tip

A french manicure is cute and all, but it’s time to have a little fun with it! You could colour block the tips with various colours. Alternatively, you could change the horizontal tip to a vertical tip. These designs are super simple but they make the nails look much more stylish.

Wavy Lines

These abstract lines and squiggles are really cool. You can incorporate a plethora of colours into your simple design. This one stands out to me for the summer because it’s minimal work but they will draw enough attention to your nails for them to be brought up into conversations.


These are a little harder to replicate on your own, but they are worth a shot, because you can get your very own designer set of nails. You just don’t have to pay the designer price for them. They are seriously pretty and you have many brands at your disposal to choose from!

Animal Print

You cannot go wrong with a solid animal print design. This summer’s animal prints to recreate are leopard and cow. If you want to take the look the extra mile, incorporate the animal print with negative space, it will make the print stand out even more.

Lines in the Right Places

With the right lines in the right places, you can have a work of art on your hands, literally. I have two very different line works. The first is this beautiful flower work detailing. The second showcases very groovy lines. By picking the correct length, width and placement of lines you can achieve so many cool designs.

Clear Overlays

I’m lowkey obsessed with transparent overlays. They shouldn’t work, but… they do. These designs are for the minimalists of the world. You want to step out into the world of quirky nail designs, however, you’ll do it in the fewest steps necessary and still have the best nail design out there.

Nature Vibes

If you know me, I’m a diehard city girl, nature will never be my thing (unless it’s protecting the environment, then you better be doing your part). Anyways, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little bit of nature to your nails, and I’m not talking about pretty flowers. I’m telling you to get some ocean waves or bolts of lightning.



It’s virtually everywhere now, but let me remind you, pastel is very in trend. You just need to pick up a handful of pastel shades and alternate which hands you put them on. You could also use those colours to make a distinct colour pop design.

Colour Pop

Of course, speaking of colour pop, what you want to do is bring an abstract mix of bright or pastel colours together and create your own design with this. I love these ideas because they are really groovy and bring sixties vibes to your summer.


I know nail art isn’t for everyone. The colour yellow is another great minimalist trend. This colour is oh so gorgeous for the summer. You can choose anything from the darker tones of mustard to brightness lemon yellows.

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