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A new year calls for new ingredients. This year CBD is the unconventional ingredient in the beauty and skincare industries. And you know I already have some of the best CBD-infused products that you’ll want to try out!

No, you won’t get high off this. I know that’s what some of you were thinking because that’s what people usually ask when they first hear about CBD. It’s also what usually puts them off of certain products. I’m here to tell you there’s no reason to hate on this powerful and nourishing ingredient.

The cannabidiol, or rather CBD, is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. The tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, is what gets you high and is also extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. However, it’s the CBD we’re here for, the part that doesn’t get you high. There are skincare and well-being benefits to this ingredient. When used in certain products it has a pain-killing and anti-inflammatory effect.

You’ll find that CBD-infused products are great for the winter and summer. It is soothing to the skin in the heat and will nourish your dry skin in the winter. You can be sure that skin ailments will be resolved with a little bit of CBD. The same goes for beauty products. They provide alternatives to using animal-based ingredients, such as beeswax, and still moisturise the skin or hair.

So, what products have I got for you?


Milk Makeup: KUSH High Volume Mascara


There’s a reason this mascara is a cult classic. I’m obsessed with this mascara and I need to restock mine because it’s been too long since I’ve had the pleasure to use this. Here you’ve got a vegan mascara that takes the beeswax, the binding ingredient in mascaras, and replaces it with plant-derived oils so your lashes are nourished all the way. There is also the chunky wand that ensures you get thickness instead of fallout.



BrioGeo: B.Well 100mg CBD + Arnica Flower Soothing Skin & Scalp Oil


This is a nifty little oil is going soothe those stressed roots and and show your scalp some love. You only need a little amount to apply to the skin or hair. Apply the product directly to clean and dry skin in the morning and the evening. To use it as an overnight scalp treatment, part your hair into sections, then apply one or two drops in each partition. Massage it in. Sleep it out. Rinse off in the morning.



R+Co: Super Garden CBD Shampoo & Conditioner


The R+Co products are truly fantastic. This set of hair products is infused with hemp-derived CBD. This key ingredient has regenerative properties which is perfect for stressed hair. Any irritation of the scalp will also be soothed and calmed after a few washes. The other ingredients that make this shampoo and conditioner are: coconut oil, moringa oil, peppermint and eucalyptus oil. Walk out of the shower with seriously nourished hair!



The Inkey List: Hemp Oil Cream Moisturiser


Another brilliant oil which nourishes the skin and leaves it looking and feeling super healthy. There is a high amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in this bottle so your skin will be getting the moisture it needs. The other great part of this product is that the contents are rich yet lightweight. You will find that irritated skin will soon go from dull and dry to vibrant and smooth.



Herbivore: Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil


If you’re looking for an awesome facial oil, then look no further, because this one packs a punch even though it’s lightweight. You should say goodbye to redness, dryness and dullness with a few drops from this bottle. You’ve got your omega fatty acids in here, hemp seed oil and adaptogens that will battle environmental stress. This has incredible skincare results and I’m telling you that you need to give it a whirl!



Milk Makeup: Fiber Brow Gel


I’m a sucker for a good brow gel. What can I say? I get overzealous with a pencil and end up with slugs instead of actual eyebrows. This seems like you standard brow gel until you notice that it’s been created with plant-derived oil instead. This means that you get your fluffy, thick and shaped brows without having any of that horrible flakiness at the end of the day. You don’t have to worry about them getting too stiff either.



CBVIT: Active Hemp™ CBD Ointment


Here you’ll find a multi-use balm that will become your solution for cracked, irritated and seriously dry skin. This has been a god-send as it uses hemp oil to nourish the skin alongside other ingredients like rosemary and lemon peel. The ointment is so powerful that it’s great for sensitive skin or for those who have scars. It’s all CBD here again, not THC, so you can use it whenever and wherever.



Moon Mother Hemp Company: Nourish Hemp & Manuka Honey Mask


Just pick up this wonderful mask now! It’s a mineral-rich mask that prepares and nourishes the skin. We’re all about the hydration and glow in 2020. You don’t always need a clay mask to bring your skin back to its tip top order. This jar contains a great formula filled with organic herbs, botanical butters and oils alongside its hemp extract.



Lord Jones: High CBD Formula Body Oil


A soothing body oil that will ensure your skin remains dewy and radiant. The formula contains jojoba oil, organic avocado oil and safflower oil. I like the roll-on because I can target areas that really need that extra-added nourishment. There is a fragrance of bergamot and orange, so if you like citrus fragrances, this is a great buy!



Kana Skincare: Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask


You’ve found another great mask here – this one is for the evening. My dry cheeks are bouncy and vibrant again after a little bit of this formula nourishes them throughout the night. The hemp seed extract means this product is rich in vitamin E, A and other antioxidants. I love how it alleviates any irritation I experience from having dry cheeks. It also heals and soothes the skin where I have picked at my congestion bumps.



Kopari: CBD Extra Strength Deodorant


This one comes recommended to me in heaps instead. It’s just that I love my current deodorants too much to let them go just yet! However, this roll-on comes recommended as it has a smooth formula that doesn’t leave that sticky white residue. An added bonus is that it doesn’t contain any aluminium or baking soda because you came here for a deodorant – not an antiperspirant!



Paula’s Choice: CBD Skin Transformative Treatment Milk


In our twenties we may consider using anti-aging products. It’s perfectly reasonable if we desire to! This product helps with discolouration, redness and texture changes. It’ll be the same skin. It’s just healthier and younger looking. You can add this little bit of “milk” to any part of your routine. I recommend adding it to your moisturiser or before your sunscreen.



Burkelman: Sensory Seeker Fragrance & Candle


If you’re a fine of spicy and herbal scents like myself, then you’re going to love this candle, and it’s worth everything single penny. I’m terrible at describing candle scents, I just say woody and smokey, then hope it makes sense. Burkelman describes it as a scent of obscure cocktails, blunt smoke and cardamom pods. It just means the key notes are cannabis resin, fernet and clove.



LEEF Organics: Nooks + Crannies


These soaps come in five different scents: cucumber melon, black chamomile, charcoal and clay, white tea and ginger, alongside cactus and agave. This is gentle which makes it perfect for sensitive skin but doesn’t hold back when it comes to nourishing and washing the skin. You can get all of those impurities down the drain without having to compromise on the level of nourishment you get!



Vertly: Lip Butter


There are so many lip balms to try out! Trust me, it’s hard getting through all of them, but it’s all made that much easier by my inability to find it a month after buying a new one. Still, I got to try this one out and its really rich but lightweight, making it a beautiful balm for the spring and summer! It’s got hemp extract, shea butter, hokum butter, cacao butter alongside coconut, apricot, jojoba and hempseed oil in its formula!


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