Make Yourself Comfortable ‘At Home’ and Listen to Georgie’s New Album

Singer/songwriter Georgie has taken a break from supporting Jake Bugg to bring a sultry softness to her new release.

I was lucky enough to hear ‘At Home’ before the general public.I’m very important, you know.

 The album was recorded at Georgie’s home studio during the lockdown and the title and sound reflect this homely feel. Having recently discovered Georgie when indulging in that heavy nostalgic feeling that lodges itself in my rib cage occasionally, I was excited to add some slow heart-warmers to my mix. The eight-track album maintains Georgie’s typical slow Sunday morning-esque sound. 

‘Company’, the first track from the album, is a wonderful piece to dip your toes into Georgie’s sound. The classic love song would be an excellent backing for a soft rom-com montage, as the sound is universally listenable. The easy backing comes back to me regularly and overall I think this was the perfect way to begin this body of work. 

‘Simple Things’ which is possibly my favourite track from the album, has a stripped-back sound which beautifully highlights the airy, sultry quality of Georgie’s vocals. The easy repetitive piano backing reinforces the idea of simplicity and easy days with those you love. The repeated refrain of “only we know” reminds of the simple intimacy of spending quality time sharing private aspects of one’s self in a social media world of oversharing. My favourite line “I love it when we wanna be boring” is preceded by images conjured of binge-watching and takeaway for two. ‘Simple Things’ is tonally reminiscent of Georgie’s previous work ‘That’s When It Feels Like Love’ which is arguably the greatest of her songs. 


‘Unrequited Love’ with its siren-like sounds and the heavy track is a difficult listen for me. Personally, this track felt disjointed and that the lyrics and the backing belonged separately. While the lyrics were fairly strong and had some arresting moments, this is one of the weaker tracks for me, but nonetheless interesting. 

“My heads a little crazy, I thought it wouldn’t phase me/ I’m eager/ like you.” 

This is what the fourth track essentially boils down to. On a definitely grungier note ‘Rules We Broke’ has strong, head-bopping guitar sequences mixed with slower, more grounded crooning aspects. The miscommunication and played-with emotions depicted in this track feel reflected throughout the music and lyrics. ‘Rules We Broke’ has a great drum beat behind it, and the use of the tinny cymbal sound adds a lot of dimension to the track.

‘Chasing Kites’ -the only song on the album not written by Georgie- was penned by the effortlessly talented Eg White, who is best known for working with artists such as Adele.  The album’s single is gorgeous and is definitely what I would suggest a listen to if -for some absolutely insane reason- you could only listen to one track from the album. ‘Chasing Kites’ sounds a lot more polished than other tracks from At Home, which fits the overall vibe of the track exceptionally well. The synthy and airy sound makes this one liable to become a persistent earworm and I haven’t stopped hearing these lines since I first heard it.  

“I’m giving up on you, I did it for both of us/Didn’t know if I had the guts/ But f**k you and your future”


‘Now We’re Lonely’ is a simple stunner. The sound is simple yet effective, with excellent production aspects, and the often repeating refrains create such a relaxed and calm sound. “I guess I just got lost and insecure” is a typical Georgie lyric in that it’s poignant and straight to the point. Nothing overly complicated, just honesty. Love it. 

‘Me And You Only’ feels like the more adventurous older sibling of ‘Simple Things’. While the lyrics of ‘Simple Things’ feel more personal, this sounds like a broth that has simmered for hours. It tastes rich, yet still simple, and warming to the soul. One could argue that the backing could be stripped further down, but the character in the track brings adds a quirkiness I very much enjoyed. 


The final track of the album ‘Blue Waters’ has a slightly differently paced flow than the other tracks and registers a lot more lively. It’s a beautiful palate cleanser to end the album with – a musical sorbet if you will. This song seems to discuss separation and longing for loved ones with lyrics such as “when this is all over/ I’ll be crossing the water”. We are just now opening our doors back up, as restrictions are being relaxed in some places, so it’s clear where this inspiration sprang from. 

“This year’s been a long one” is the universal feeling encompassing us all at the moment and it’s only August. But hearing these words on this hopeful sounding track brings comfort that these times will pass and we will return to the life we once loved. The use of an old fashioned sounding quote with transatlantic accents and all talking about thinking about “life with a great big L” is a brilliant way to end a lovely track and a gorgeous album. 

Overall ‘At Home’ was a lovely listen and one I will most certainly return to. Georgie’s comforting voice alone makes this worth a gander. 


‘At Home’ is due for release on the 7th August. 

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