The Guys’ Grooming Guide

This isn’t a feminine thing, grooming is a universal thing, and men should also be allowed to take pride in their own appearance without feeling ashamed.

I really don’t believe many products are solely for any specific gender. You should still pick up an awesome skincare product regardless of whether they’ve labelled it feminine, masculine, androgynous etc. After all, good skincare products are for everyone, and so there are many options available for you guys to try out! I am making your daily grooming routine simple while ensuring you get all your needs met!



A good cleanser is the best place to start. I’m telling you now that we’re not here for using the same bar soap or shower gel that you use for the rest of your body. They’re usually not made for the face as well and can actually do more harm than good to your face. You’ll want to get a gentle cleanser and you don’t need one that foams up. I’ve got some really hydrating suggestions that are great for any weather.

CeraVe: Hydrating Facial Cleanser

This is an awesome cleanser to start out with. It’s really hydrating while removing all that dirt and debris you took on throughout the day. You don’t have to worry about this harming your skin’s natural protective barrier as it contains ingredients similar to ceramides. These helps reinforce that barrier and ensure that the skin locks in moisture.



Fresh: Soy Face Cleanser


You’ve come to the right place for a gentle facial cleanser. It’s basically a pH-balanced gel cleanser that’s great for the morning and evening. The formula incorporates amino acid-rich soy proteins, cucumber extract and rosewater. This is amazing for those with sensitive skin. I find that this product feels best on early mornings and on those hot summer days thanks to its cooling effect. You’ve got soothed and toned skin in a bottle here.






We’re shedding a lot of dead skin here. It’s good to give your skin a little helping hand with that process of turning over new cells. A worthy exfoliator will ensure your pores are clearer, your blemishes are reduced and that your skin feels and looks smoother. You can get an exfoliator in its physical form which means they come in scrubs or grains of sugar and salt. Or you can opt for an exfoliator in its chemical forms which includes AHAs and BHAs. I’ve got a whole list of exfoliators for you to try and a few more below!


Horace: Face Scrub


I got the verdict from friends on this one and I must say the results are undeniable. Here you’ve got a natural face scrub that will unclog pore and remove impurities. Its key ingredients are murumuru seeds, murumuru butter, vitamin E and malted barley. This is a gentle exfoliator which is exactly what you want because a harsh one will only cause further damage to the skin.




Hæckels: Seaweed + Salicylic Powder Exfoliant


I have been exploring my options with facial exfoliants since my Clarisonic decided to die on me. I’ve really been enjoying this mix of natural salicylic acid to fully remove all of that dead skin. It incorporates ground dried seaweed, tea tree leaves and crushed willow bark. This makes the steps after so much better and makes my later skincare products so much more effective.






For the longest time I thought toners were completely useless and rather harmful. I was using the wrong one! A toner is used to remove any impurities from the skin that remained on the skin after washing it. It’s just going to ready your face for the next step. They are great for those wanting to target specific issues with their skin. I have been through many toners and I know which ones really work so there are plenty of options.


Chanel: Anti-Pollution Invigorating Toner


It says this is dedicated to women, I say it should be dedicated to everyone, because this toner is beloved by all. When you want to refresh the skin, pick up this toner, it’s perfect for both the morning and evening. You can use this to prepare yourself for the day ahead or you can use this to remove remaining traces of makeup and pollutants on the skin. This is wonderful on my combination skin!


Glow Recipe: Watermelon Glow PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner


This doesn’t feel like your usual toner but it still rocks! The formula hydrates the skin and simultaneously tightens the pores. This is a great way to prep your skin for the rest of your skincare routine. You will see the duality of exfoliating and hydrating in this product. It contains watermelon, cactus water, hyaluronic acid, tea tree extract, cucumber, PHA and BHA.






A serum is basically the next best thing after your moisturiser. Sure, you can get creams that target specific skin ailments, but a serum is really going to do your skin justice and help you out. The formula consists of smaller molecules and are usually quite potent. A little bit truly goes a long way here. I know finding a serum can be a little difficult, nonetheless I have a few serums that you should consider, tried and tested by yours truly!


Triumph & Disaster: Dichotomy Eye Serum


This serum is worth the money! I can be assured that any concealer I use over it will work like a charm. The formula targets sagging skin and dark circles brought on by stress, dehydration and not enough sleep. I have experienced all of those, especially in recent months, and this has visibly reduced the bags under my eyes. I prefer using this in the morning to help out with all that puffiness, too.




Way of Will: Brightening Face Serum


This is your rejuvenating serum as it’s filled with vitamin A and vitamin C. I like how this product is high in antioxidants and will help you battle free radicals which makes it perfect for city life. In the heat this will keep your skin hydrated. You will fall in love with how this serum revitalises dull skin and helps give you that radiant complexion.



Face Mask


Never underestimate the power of a good face mask! You’re probably familiar with clay and charcoal masks that are used to clear up that gunk out of congested pores. You can actually get masks in many formulas. I have been really into masks that moisturise the skin. It helps with my dry cheeks and makes the rest of my skincare routine really easy. You can get a good mask in a liquid form, foam, a sheet mask, etc. It’s all up to your own preference and what skincare issue you want to address.


Aēsop: Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque


A great option for those seeking a clay mask. I recommend this one because it doesn’t suck the life out of your pores. You should look for a clay mask that deeply cleans the skin, but do so gently, and this one does just that. You will find that your skin is nourished afterwards thanks to ingredients like aloe vera and other botanical extracts. Your skin deserves those fatty acids!




Herbivore: Blue Tansy Invisible Pores Resurfacing Clarity Mask


Yeah, so contrary to popular opinion, not all great masks are clay masks or ones that extract every piece of gunk from your pores. You can also inject a lot into the skin with a good mask. I know it sounds weird but this mask is great for those with oil and blemish-prone skin. It’s filled with fruit enzymes, aloe, white willow bark and blue tansy essential oil. See? You don’t need to dry out your skin to help with those blemishes.






There may be a heatwave outside right now, but you still have to moisturise, there’s no excuse! This is the other essential part of any grooming routine. You have gotta show some TLC to your face and your body. It’s going to protect your skin from the world around you and help your skin recover from the day it’s just been through. You should nourish your face in the morning and in the evening to give your skin the love it deserves.


Kiehl’s: Ultra Facial Cream


I’ve raved about this face cream on many occasions now. That’s how great I think this product is. I cannot boast about how hydrating this cream is. This is going to give you a whole lot of moisture without becoming too heavy on the skin. This is non-greasy, lightweight and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Keep this cream on hand throughout the seasons!




Fresh: Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturiser


I loved the face mask counterpart and the moisturiser is no different. I pop on a bit of this moisturiser when I want that added boost of radiance. It’s just a shame I’ve run out and need to get a new jar! It helps the skin by strengthening the skin’s barrier and protecting it from free radicals. You can honestly say this is youth in a jar.






It doesn’t matter whether you think you won’t burn, you’ve just got to get your SPF, it’s for your own good! The sun is great and all, but it can cause more damage than burns, it damages the skin’s health. This means a reduction in collagen and elasticity, an increased risk of pigmentation, fine lines and skin cancer. The picks I have chosen will ensure that you are protected while avoiding any greasiness, stickiness, pore-clogging or grey hues. Go on! Grab a bottle!


EltaMD: UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50


If you’re taking your workouts in the great outdoors then this sunscreen is an essential. You can use this when participating in any sport. It’s water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about it during water sports or dripping into your eyes when you’re sweating. You can apply this to wet or dry skin. Other added bonuses about this product is that it’s fragrance-free, oil-free, paraben-free and noncomedogenic.




La Roche Posay: Anthelios Mineral Tinted Sunscreen for Face SPF 50


I may have stolen my sister’s sunscreen every now and then, but I don’t feel the least bit guilty, because this is an awesome formula. It’s lightweight and contains titanium dioxide for those with sensitive skin. You will be left with a matte finish. Remember to shake this product well before using this! You should aim to reapply this product every two hours or fourty minutes after vigorous exercise and sweating.




Eye Cream


This is your supercharged moisturiser that is eye-safe. You can get these in creams or serums but whichever formula you choose you want it to work. I say this because sometimes they can be a little expensive. I have got the eye creams and eye serums that have my approval and actually work.


Ole Henriksen: Banana Bright™ Eye Crème


I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this eye cream! It’s really comforting to wear in the morning and the evening. You will also fall in love with this collagen-boosted formula as it will deeply hydrate the skin. Don’t worry, it’s still really lightweight, so be sure to pick up this vitamin C eye cream. Think of this eye cream as the first step to illuminating the under eyes prior to foundation or concealer.




Estēe Lauder: Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Synchronised Complex II


There are many versions of the Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum. I think they’re all equally great, it’s really up to you which one you want to use, but the fact remains that it’s a cult classic. This is the one step you need to take to attain more youthful eyes. You’ll find that time will hardly touch you with this eye cream. It’s also very lightweight and refreshing!




Eyebrow Grooming


You don’t always have to fill in your brows. A little comb over never hurt anybody though. If you’re willing to brush your hair and put a little effort into it then your brows should get that same treatment. You will find there are many gels and grooming pomades that will nourish the brows and keep them in place throughout the day. This just goes to show that grooming isn’t that much of a chore. A few swipes and you’re good to go!


Milk Makeup: Kush Clear Brow Gel


I think a good invisible brow gel is always a great way to start the day off. You will be able to tame every little hair and put in its rightful place. This is one of the best brow gels I have gotten my hands on. You don’t have to worry about any flakiness or stiffness and it incorporates plant-derived oil to hydrate and set the brows in place. Your brows will also be conditioned thanks to the aloe and cucumber extract.




Glossier: Boy Brow


I also really enjoy a good grooming pomade in lieu of a gel. I finished my gel formula and decided to give this one a try. It works like a charm. It’s a very crushable and creamy wax. The product shapes and grooms the brows, but it also thickens the appearance of the hair, so you can get a lot of control with a few swipes. You don’t have to worry about this one stiffening or flaking thanks to its conditioning ingredients.




Lip Balm


We’re not here for crusty lips. There are easy solutions to lips that are dry or cracked from the cold weather to a lack of hydration. You can get a lip scrub, lip oils and a lip balm. You can really get any kind of lip balm. I like to spend a little more on a product I will be constantly using on my lips. I even ranked the best lip balms so you don’t have to go through the entire ordeal of having to find the right one for yourself!


Malin + Goetz: Mojito Lip Balm


You always need a quality lip balm. We are not here for any of that stuff that feels moisturising but just sits on your lips and does nothing. This doesn’t do that. This is more of a hydrating lip gel that will replenish the lips thanks to the blend of fatty acids in this formula. You can trust that your lips will actually absorb the protect, making the need for reapplication less frequent. Plus, it smells great, you gotta love that mojito scent!




Drunk Elephant: Lippe Balm


A really chic and easy balm to replenish your lips with. It contains avocado and mongongo nut oils. This balm is loaded with green tea leaf and vitamin C, too. You can be certain that this balm also protects your lips from free radicals and environmental aggressors. You can expect your lips to stay in tip top condition from the moment you use this.




Beard Care & Trimming


Okay, this is out of my territory as I haven’t used them myself, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t got my fellow man friends to give me the tea on the best beard care products and trimming tips. You want your beard to look healthy at the least. This means using a beard oil to condition the hair and take care of the skin beneath the hair. You could even give it a comb to distribute the product and promote hair growth. You’ll also want to invest in a good trimmer if you want to maintain that beard.


Hæckels: Hydrating Beard Oil


The fan favourite one recommenced to me is this conditioning beard oil. This is a great option for those with dry skin. It’s also a good option for those with very coarse facial hair as it moisturises the hair while treating the sensitive skin beneath. The formula contains seaweed extract and oils, like neroli, so the product is rich in vitamin E. Your hair will be protected and the antibacterial properties prevent build up of dry and flaky skin.




Acqua di Parma: Beard Serum


This also came highly-recommended and it acts as more of a serum than it does an oil. Your beard will thank you giving it that surge of moisture thanks to the grape seed oils and sweet almond oil in this formula. This is brilliant at ensuring your beard stays healthy and remains tangle free. My friends recommend using this on the daily after cleansing the beard. I’ve seen the results and I can say the upkeep is impeccable!






Here are some tips for getting a good shave. First, you should get equipment and tools that actually work, otherwise you’re in for a world of blunt razors and bad shaving experiences. You’ll want to add a little warmth to the face, with a hot towel or a shower, this will then help open the pores and give you a closer shave. Then take an exfoliator or cleansing brush to lift the hairs as this will prevent ingrown hairs. Take the razor the easiest areas and move onto the trickier parts later. A little bit of cold water will close the pores after you’re done. Be sure to use a balm to nourish the skin, too.


Horace: Shave Cream


I suggested this to a few friends on a whim as I was considering giving this to my little brother. They tell me I should have done it sooner and should buy some for him soon! This shaving cream incorporates ingredients like: shorea butter, shea butter, allantoin and kukui oil. Your skin will be left feeling hydrated rather than tight or irritated and sore. It also smells really good, just think of fruits, very citrus and refreshing ones.




Hanz De Fuko: Invisible Shave Cream


I used this one after it was recommended to me. I don’t often shave but when I can’t wait for the next waxing session I need to pull out the razor. I always had a hard time with shaving creams, but this one works like a charm, and it’s really easy to use. You can expect to have your hair softened, that way the blade can have the best chance at gliding smoothly, then you can kiss those razor bumps goodbye!




Hands & Feet


I usually judge a person’s personal hygiene on the basis of whether they take care of their hands. I can still remember noticing a series of calluses, open blisters and flaking dead skin on a guy’s hands because he just didn’t take care of them. I will never forget being told that taking care of your hands “is for pussies”. Well, I think good personal upkeep of the hands is important, so is the upkeep of your feet. You should take care of every aspect of your body, even if no one can see it, or actively interacts with it. Treat it like the temple it is and get a good hand cream!


L’Occitane: Shea Butter Hand Cream


You can’t go wrong with this hand cream. It’s a bestseller for a reason. This will revive even the driest and dullest of skin. The primary ingredient is the shea butter. It also has a wonderful blend of coconut, honey and almond oil. The jasmine and ylang-ylang leaves you with a beautiful, but not overpowering, scent. You can welcome soft and smooth hands with this cream.




Byredo: Black Saffron Hand Cream


These hand creams are awesome! Byredo gives you a cream that works but also smells divine. I am really in love with the Black Saffron scent. It’s a very unique scent thanks to the carefully chosen notes. The base notes are blonde woods, raspberry and vetiver. The heart is accord cuir, black violet and cristal rose. The top notes are juniper berries, pomelo and the signature saffron. Anyone can wear this!




You’ve gone through all of that to be properly groomed. Now what do you do? Add that little touch of you. Find the fragrance that suits you. I always say go for eau de parfum as it’s the strongest. Remember you will only need three spritzes: one on each lapel and one on the back of your neck. If you’re in the mood for a little more then one spray on each wrist. Just don’t overdo it!


Chanel: Bleu de Chanel


This fragrance is so… delicious. It makes you want to inhale a little more when you get a little whiff of it. I’ve worn it from time to time whenever I can get access to my brother’s bottle. The fragrance is very masculine due to the aromatic and woody nature of the scent. The sandalwood gives you a refreshing touch and trail to leave the bathroom in.




Gucci: Mémoire d’une Odeur


Think of this as an intense floral fragrance. It can be used by anyone! The base notes are vanilla, sandalwood and cedar wood. Then you have the heart notes of Indian Coral Jasmine Nature Print® – a note that’s exclusive to Gucci – alongside the musks. The top notes are of Roman Chamomile. It’s aromatic and very powerful. It’s definitely worth giving this a try!



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