‘Spark It Up’ a Slow-Burner from Leisure’s New EP

A little slice of ear euphoria

All I’m hearing at the moment is Tik Tok video music, and don’t get me wrong, some of it is absolutely fantastic. But, when you’ve heard the lines to ‘WAP’ by Cardi B so many times that both Cardi and Megan Stallion are living in your head rent-free, you start to crave something new. 

Luckily, if you’re a chill-indie rock kind of person, New-Zealand’s five-man wonder, Leisure, have released their new single, ‘Spark It Up’ via Nettwerk.  ‘Spark It Up’ was created by Leisure when the band were in France, away from their spouses, and so the feel of the track is ‘pretty sentimental’.

“Reservations gone in the wind with you, Show me how to spark it up”

Leisure – ‘spark it up’

Beginning with the chirping of crickets and an easy-going guitar riff, leading to the chorus, the five band members each deliver their own verse interspersed with a dreamy humming. The lyrics of the song reflecting their surroundings creates a perfectly relaxing tune to just feel zen to. 

Leisure also released a music video to go alongside their new single, which you can watch for yourself below:

A far cry from other music videos I’ve seen recently, Leisure’s accompanying video to ‘Spark It Up’ is a dreamy scrapbook of their time spent in France. The video seems devoid of artificial ‘moments’ and conveys perfectly the easygoing, authentic style which Leisure produces. Is it as if Leisure has taken their ‘countryside in France’ vibes and converted them into an auditory experience. 

I’m so excited for their upcoming EP release of ‘SIDE A’ in October. But for now, you can enjoy ‘Spark It Up’ on all good streaming platforms now.

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