Black Honey Have Released Your New Favourite Halloween Bop: ‘I Like The Way You Die’

The track’s vampiric video makes the perfect replacement for Twilight in your frightful film festivities

You stalk through the shadows with unnatural grace, your steps making no sound as you seem to tread just above the ground. Ahead, flaming torches illuminate a sparse chamber. In the doorway stands the silhouette of a figure draped in a large coat, wooden stake clenched tightly by their side. Lunging forwards, you grin, fangs extending to an artery that pulses a staccato beat…

If that brief exposition didn’t get you in the mood for a bit of throat-tearing murder by creatures of the night, Black Honey’s new video absolutely will. An absolutely monster stomper, ‘I Like The Way You Die’ sees Black Honey continue to delve into their heavier side, while still harking back to their Morricone-inspired roots with a tambourine laden beat and plenty of wild-west swagger. Sure, chanting the titular line as you walk to work/school/the offie will probably get you strange looks, but the feeling of badassery is well worth that minor inconvenience.

Getting back at all the fuckboys in the world, the lyrics are just as empowering spiritually as the accompanying music is physically. If this, and the other singles this far, are an accurate representation of Written and Directed, it could well already be the best album of 2021. Luckily enough, I have reason to believe they are…

Pre-Order Written and Directed here, or listen to Black Honey’s Debut wherever you get your tunes.

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