Soft Limit: An Interview with Demi Whitnell

‘Not only has the podcast helped me become sex positive but seeing other amazing individuals who are also sex positive online every single day really reminds me of my worth!’

Queen Mary and CUB Alumni, Demi Whitnell, graduated last summer and started a new feat- creating her own community for online sex education, appropriately named Soft Limit. She continues to expand into the online space, consisting of a podcast, twitter, facebook and popular instagram following. Covering anything from kinks, to sexual health, to self-pleasure, Soft Limit provides a safe space for open conversation about topics considered ‘taboo’ in today’s society. Demi creates content that shares her experiences along with factual information in a way that feels so genuine and personal. Her passion for sexual education shines through her and into her many different platforms. 

I was lucky enough to get to interview Demi about her experience becoming an online sex educator and what there is in store for Soft Limit in the future.

Soft Limit started at Queen Mary University, can you tell us a bit about how it has expanded since then?

Soft Limit was originally a radio show on Quest Radio and is now a Spotify podcast with over 300 listens per episode and has hit 3K followers on IG. Soft Limit has become more than an hourly radio show at university and is now something I am so proud of, it is a source of educational resources in many different forms (podcast, instagram post, website blogs and email newsletters). It has become a business and I have become a sex educator, it feels more professional for sure!

What aspect of Soft Limit is your favourite?

My favourite aspect of Soft Limit is certainly my instagram! I really do love the community on there and my new theme. It is something I have always loved using and now I have a real purpose for using it. I do love my podcast too, but mostly for the amazing conversations I have with guests. 

How is it having a considerable size online platform, does it make you feel pressured in any way? 

Honestly… I never would have imagined being at 3K after only four months of starting Soft Limit. It is a privilege to have such an amazing little community this early on in my career and I really hope that it continues to grow as I grow!

Do you think starting Soft Limit has helped you become more sex positive?

For sure! Starting the podcast was scarier than starting the instagram account, especially as a dyslexic individual with a speech impediment- speaking into a microphone can be daunting but with the help of guests who are also very sex positive, I have really found my footing with podcasting! Not only has the podcast helped me become sex positive but seeing other amazing individuals who are also sex positive online every single day really reminds me of my worth! I love my little community of followers and fellow educators!

Did you ever imagine yourself doing a job like Soft Limit?

I have always loved social media but I would never have expected the 18 year old Demi who was severely bullied for her sexuality and sexual preferences to be the Demi I am today! To be sharing my personal sex life online to help others and to be a qualified educator… never! I am so excited to take Soft Limit even further with merch, YouTube videos and maybe something a bit… page-er if you catch my drift!

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into online sex education?

As Hannah Witton says, you are a sex educator the minute you begin educating! You don’t need a degree or qualification. For myself, I knew I wanted a qualification and even when I receive it at the end of this month, I will continue taking courses! Unlike teaching, for example, you don’t need a piece of paper saying ‘I can do this’ or a DBS… there isn’t a board for sex education as of yet.. You just need the spirit, passion and drive to get into sex education!

Soft Limit can be found online at or @Soft_Limit on Instagram 

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