Spooky Season


“Spooky Scary Skeletons send shivers down your spine” – Andrew Gold

Halloween is fast approaching and so to get in the spirit for the end of the month here is a rundown of my favourite celebrity Halloween looks and for any of you last minute buyers, some inspiration for ideas you might already own in your own wardrobe!

Kylie Jenner’s Christina Aguilera Costume

Anyone who happens to have a love for fashion and celebrity culture, can agree that Halloween is not the same without wondering what Kylie Jenner is wearing or even the Kardashians themselves. Whether your personal opinions of them are positive or negative, their influences on the fashion industry is enormous. So, when looking at Kylie’s idea for a Halloween costume, it’s perfect for anyone that is trying to find something in their own wardrobe! Whilst Kylie’s look is planned and put together, your look might not be the exact same, but it’s still a pretty good idea and should you need more inspiration, just look up Christina Aguilera and take some inspiration from the source itself.

James Charles – Skull Makeup

For those of you talented makeup artists out there, or even beginners, James Charles is almost the perfect youtuber for trying to learn makeup tutorials from! As a youtuber, James Charles makes very in-depth tutorials and you cannot lie that the makeup he does is incredible and some of my favourite looks he has ever done are his skulls. In fact, I personally learnt how to do skulls from watching his tutorials. His Youtube channel showcases many Halloween looks, but also check out his Instagram for content too. So, if you are looking for something to do that is more creative artistically than just a costume, maybe try a skull for the first time!

Gigi Hadid’s ‘The Mask’ outfit

This look is one of my favourites, purely since it is inspired by one of my favourite movies, but it also has such a creative and individual vibe! Everyone has that one idea of Halloween created in their mind – whether it’s to look extremely terrifying or someone straight out of Mean Girls, I think it’s an amazing opportunity to have fun whilst also looking great! It also shows that you don’t have to take Halloween so seriously and if a supermodel can pull off just being a goofy kind of scary, then so can many of you!

David Dobrik and Natalie Mariduena – Iron Man and Pepper Potts

Halloween is also a time where you can dress and pay homage to your favourite superheroes and characters. One of my favourites duos for Halloween is when people dress as Iron man and Pepper. Whilst David and Natalie’s looks keep it casual with what they are wearing, you can practically pull some of these clothing items from your personal wardrobe! It also looks put together and fun.

So, despite the chaos of 2020, if you are staying in for Halloween or hitting the town with your household members (please remain safe) – Halloween is a holiday of fun and not taking yourself to seriously. Feel free to tag cub style in any of your looks on social media should you be inspired by anything I have shown!

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