Ariana Grande is “Switching Positions” In Her New Single

Bop or flop? Read on to find out.

Ariana Grande Red Carpet (credit: David Crotty, Getty Images)

In Mid-October, Ariana Grande delighted fans with a cryptic instagram post in which she can be seen typing ‘Positions’ on a luminous green keyboard. The songstress took no time in releasing her latest single by the same name, and a politically-themed video to accompany the hit. 

The track is a light blend of R&B, pop and hip-pop, reminiscent of 90’s Mariah Carey. With help from previous collaborator TBHits, who has worked with Grande on earlier songs like ‘Knew Better’, and more recent hits such as ‘7 Rings’    and with the addition of hip-hop producer London on Da Track, the singer stays loyal to her usual uplifting pop sounds, complementing them with a rap-like flow. 

“Perfect, perfect

You’re too good to be true (You’re too good to be true)

But I get tired of runnin’, fuck it

Now, I’m runnin’ with you (With you)”


The r&b-pop hit begins with the songstress acknowledging that she doesn’t want to “repeat history”. As fans of the singer (and pretty much anyone with a radio would know) she bid farewell to her exes and their past mistakes on previous self-empowerment anthem ‘Thank You, Next’.


With ‘Positions’ comes a new mindset. As she puts it, Ariana doesn’t mind “jumpin’ through hoops” for her new guy, while she also accepts he may be “too good to be true”. 

“Switchin’ the positions for you

Cookin’ in the kitchen and I’m in the bedroom”


As America tuned in to watch the latest presidential election debate, Grande released enjoyable, creative visuals to accompany her latest single. The video comes as the perfect respite from current events, as Ariana heads a female-dominated, diverse White House. The visual also features cameos from familiar faces, including previous collaborator and close friend Victoria Monet; mum, Joan Grande; and even the singer’s beloved dog Toulouse. Throughout the video the songstress is seen chairing cabinet meetings, awarding medals to postal workers, and taking the dogs for walks on the White House lawn, in her Jackie-O attire. Contrasting nighttime scenes depict Grande’s lyrics perfectly, as we see her domestic side while she is “cooking in the kitchen” and sauntering her way through the lavish bedrooms, after spending the day hard at work. 

With the release of title track ‘Positions’, came the announcement of Ariana Grande’s sixth studio album. While the lead single is certainly reminiscent of Grande’s usual style, featuring signature whistle tones, powerful vocals, and an upbeat flow, her lyrics indicate new themes in her music. Perhaps this 14 track release will mark a new era for the singer, likely cementing her status as ‘pop royalty’. 

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