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Yamina Marie talks to platinum-selling artist Becky Hill about her stunningly emotive new single ‘Space’, upcoming album, and her 2021 UK/Ireland tour.

I feel a sense of nostalgia when Hill’s music plays; her club anthems remind me of the time before… when clubs and festivals were open, and music played underneath psychedelic lights. When people could dance, and crowds moved in waves to ‘Afterglowor ‘Gecko Overdrive Becky Hill’s songs always created an indescribable sense of euphoria amongst a crowd for one reason: her music goes beyond the beat. 

Throughout her career, Becky Hill has added emotional depth to the EDM genre. Her self-written lyrics resonate with listeners; Hill is a versatile artist who has never been limited by one genre. In essence, she fashioned the dance/cry genre. 

Her newest single ‘Space’ feels personal, and it feels authentically her own. Hill’s powerful voice compliments the emotional intensity of the lyrics that detail the fear of loving and losing someone in a relationship. This song has many layers to it – telling a story of being in a broken relationship, of “trying to find each other in the dark” and the impact of being in a flawed relationship. The song is powerfully emotive and sets the tone for her new beginning as an ‘album artist’. 

We spoke to Becky, via Zoom, of course, about her newest single, album, podcast and the future of her as an artist. 

Yamina: You’ve collaborated with many artists, DJs and producers like Sigala, MNEK or Wilkinson on Afterglow. What do you feel they add to your music and is there any current artist you would like to work with?

Becky: I’d love to work with Calvin Harris, being the biggest DJ on the planet. I’m currently looking at a collaboration with Ella Eyre as well who’s a very good friend of mine. So yeah, lots of things in the pipeline. Lots of things to look forward to.

Y: I think you and Ella Eyre would work so well together!

B: Yeah, she’s a babe.

Y: I would describe your music and vocal style as bringing emotion to the house/electro genre. How would you define your style?

B: I think that’s a really good way of describing it, actually. I would definitely say that I aim to ‘cry through my mouth’ when I sing. I try to put as much emotion as I can into my music and keep it as authentic and as me as possible. This new album, I would say, is more synth/ pop rather than dance.

Y: From your experience of when your career began on The Voice UK in 2012, what advice would you give to any of our readers at the beginning of their musical career?

B: We have a saying in the music industry: if you don’t give up, you’ll make it. It’s easier for people to give up because, being in the industry, it does affect your mental health and it does affect the way you look at yourself.  It’s very much about being as headstrong as possible. So, I would say keep going and believe in yourself.

Y: My personal favourite song of yours is Lose Control’ in collaboration with MNEK and Meduza. What song are you proudest of?

B: I really like a tune called ‘Stranger’ which I did with Mj Cole. I love this song because it’s probably the most honest thing that I’ve ever written. It was written with Mj Cole who I’ve been a massive fan of for years and years. It was amazing to actually be in the studio with him and listen to him play piano and get to know him personally.

Y: I’ll have to have a listen to that! Who would you say inspired your music the most?

B: I’m definitely a big fan of artists like La-roux, Robyn or Pasha Pit. I’m a big fan of that kind of sound. But Robyn is such an incredible songwriter. So definitely those three artists.

Y: Robyn was definitely a big part of my childhood.

B: Yeah, I think she was for all of us, I remember when her album Body Talk’ first came out, it was so good.

A picture containing singer Robyn, looking, front
Robyn – Courtesy of Xavi Torrent (Getty Images)

Y: Finally, you’re releasing a debut studio album next year which is extremely exciting and definitely something your fans have been waiting for. Can you give us any teasers?

B: It’s going to be a really good collection of songs that are written over the last eight years. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to spend eight years writing an album again. It’s definitely reflected in the quality of the songs on the album. It’s definitely ‘all killer no filler’ and it is really exciting for me to put out an album where every song is super strong, and I just can’t wait to get out on stage and perform it.

Y. Yes, you’re touring next year!

B. Yeah, I’ve got a tour on sale which has moved from this year to the spring/ summer of 2021. I’m really excited to get back out there and start playing my music to people again.

Y. I will definitely be there! Is there anything else you want to say?

B. Can’t wait to see you there! It’s been so long since I’ve performed. I have a podcast about the history of rave music and how the scene of rave has changed over the years. It’s called ‘The Art of Rave.’ We’ve got people like Andy C, Pete Tong, D.J Zinc, Fabio & Grooverider. It’s really interesting to find out how rave music has changed and is changing since the birth of technology. Buy my new single, listen to my new podcast and I’ll see you all at my shows for 2021!

Becky Hill’s new single ‘Space’ is available on all streaming platforms now.

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