Merry Lit-Mas! : Paper Chains with Books

Merry Lit-Mas to all, and to all a good morning!! Whether we like it or not (and I very much do), mid-November brings with it all the merriment of Christmas. I scratched my head over how to bring the festive season into Book Club, and I landed somewhere outside of the box. The planet is burning, and we have to find ways to make Christmas more sustainable, and I have the answer! With a few super simple guides from CUB, why not turn to your bookshelf for Christmas crafts which can brighten up your house. It’ll do wonders for your house, your wallet, and the planet too!

On we go, then, with the simplest craft of all: paper chains!

  1. Grab an old, unloved book, and start ripping.

It may feel sacrilegious, so this is why I recommend picking something you weren’t best keen on, preferably something you couldn’t even finish.

2. Now it’s time to rip those pages into strips. First rip the page into three pieces…

3. Now rip those thirds in half each, to make six strips from each page.

4. So you’ve got your strips! Now glue the tip of a strip, and stick it to the other end of the strip in a ring. Hold it until it is secure.

5. Poke another strip through this ring, then repeat the gluing process.

6. Keep going with this process as long as you can stand it! Chains abound.

Happy crafting my festive book fans! Keep an eye out for future instalments in this series, and for a craft-along Book Club event in December!

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