Palace’s New EP ‘Someday, Somewhere’ is a Timeless Triumph

Palace’s mesmerising new EP has me hoping that one day I can hear these beautiful tracks live…..someday, somewhere.

Palace (credit - Chuff Media)

Palace are back to grace our ears with their three-track EP titled Someday, Somewhere. These unreleased tracks were recorded at the same time of their second album ‘Life After’, apart from the middle track ‘I’ll Be Fine’, which was recorded during lockdown. The first thing I have to say is… why weren’t these songs released earlier?! With a loyal and ever-growing fan base, Palace has been busy touring, bagging ever-larger festival slots and culminating in a sold-out UK headline tour. They played some of the world’s biggest festivals last summer including Latitude and Glastonbury and have kicked off 2020 by selling out their debut USA tour! They were due to tour around the UK this March but alas, Rona got her way again and the tour had to be cancelled, for now. Here’s to hoping that 2021 can be their year!

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Cooking up new noises 🍳

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The standout title track, ‘Someday, Somewhere’, has been a fan favourite at their live performances for years, and now, listening to a studio version, it’s understandable why. The soft, layered guitar and the grounded, steady drum welcome us into a calm yet atmospheric listening experience. I feel at ease when listening to this track. There’s something about frontman Leo Wyndham’s vocals that lull you into a psychedelic dream that you don’t want to wake from. Coupled with the echoic backing harmonies, it’s a truly beautiful song. The mix of both acoustic and electric guitar only add further to the peaceful atmosphere being created here, with the mini electric riffs adding even more depth to the track. It compares a lot to some of Hozier’s acoustic tracks, so if that’s up your street then Palace will definitely be too!

The lyrics seem to be speaking, or reminiscing, of a lost love but at the same time also hints that there’s hope for a reunion with the lyrics: 

“Someday somewhere, in years from now

I’ll see your eyes in the distance if the gods allow

And we’ll be happy, as we can be

But I’ll always miss you, you were heaven to me”


I’m a sucker for some good, meaningful lyrics but these aren’t just any old words to fill the instrumentals, but poetry in every sense of the word. Stunning vocals to accompany equally as stunning music. This first track is a triumphant beginning.

The video below is a live performance of ‘Someday, Somewhere’ from 2017.

Speaking on recording the second track on the EP, ‘I’ll Be Fine’, during lockdown, Palace commented on their Instagram “It’s been a while…but we’ve been locked away in the studio writing for the next album…We all recorded our parts individually with limited equipment from home and was a fun one do to during such a weird time. The song is about balance, and we hope you like it”.

And they’re right, this track is all about balance – trying to balance loss and happiness. Trying not to forget someone but at the same time move on with life. Wyndham sings of how he “Wouldn’t change anything, the story that we’ve had/ Galvanised hearts through something else so sad”. Talking on loss and grief isn’t a new topic for this band, as their last studio album ‘Life After’, has been described as an album in equal parts about loss as well as a manual to moving on, stronger than before. In particular, the final track on the album titled ‘Heaven Up There’ is one of my personal favourite Palace tracks of all time and was received very well among many other fans on its release. A whopping seven minutes long, it makes a lasting impact on listeners when closing off the album and one I find myself revisiting regularly. And the music for this new track reflects this same atmosphere perfectly, with the drum and guitar picking up in pace and tempo from the first track, yet the falsetto vocals still bring a haunting undertone to it. 

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Lyrics for ‘I’ll Be Fine’ – I’ve seen your face underneath my dreams And I’ve held the hand that swept it all away And I’ve touched your back as tears filled riverbeds When blood turns to dust again will I fear death? ‘Cause I’ll be fine Under my mind Sorry that I’m inconsistency Remember it’s always you and me. You and me. Faceless the ghost that picks the brain apart Undoes the weave that tapestries my heart Complicated kid I knew I would be From when I had curls and youth inside of me. Wouldn’t change anything story that we’ve had Galvanised hearts through something else so sad You are the one that I might die for Patient perfection couldn’t thank you more. Yes I’ll be fine Under my mind Sorry that it’s inconsistency Remember it’s always you and me. ‘Cause I’ll be fine Under my mind Sorry that it’s inconsistency Remember it’s always you and me. You and me. ‘Cause I’m crazy, crazy for you You travelled oceans just for loved truth I’m a tricky man but I’m getting better days You’re my everything in every way. ‘Cause I’ll be fine You’ve given me life Sorry that I’m inconsistency. Remember it’s always you and me.

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For the last track on the EP, ‘Flesh To The Fallen’, the electric guitar takes center stage for this one and brings us to a lovely close for the end of the EP. There’s a universal feeling when it comes to listening to Palace, which is that they are the definition of ‘easy listening’. Don’t mistake that to mean their tracks are boring or not likely to catch your attention. They’re quite the opposite. The mastery of the acoustic, mature, indie sound is so well-produced that listeners are carried away to another place when listening. A place of serenity, yet deeply emotional. A place to cry and to smile. Their music is a haven for us all.

If you want even more from Palace, they have released a cheeky bonus track on the vinyl version of Someday, Somewhere titled ‘Trouble On The Water’. If you’re already a fan (which if you’re not… why?) you might recognise this track from somewhere already. That’s because it was performed live as part of The Hoxa Sessions, recorded earlier this year. Now, fans can enjoy a studio version when acquiring the vinyl. But if you can’t wait to get your hands on a physical copy, here’s the live performance to enjoy for now.

Leo Wyndham, Matt Hodges and Rupert Turner have been friends since they were thirteen and it really translates through their music. The instruments and vocals flow and weave in and out of each other so naturally, they fit together like puzzle pieces. The tracks themselves do the same. If this is any indication of what their upcoming album is going to be, then bring it on Palace! The sooner, the better if that’s alright!

Someday, Somewhere is the perfect EP to listen to now the weather is getting colder and the days are getting darker. A comfort blanket for those chilly nights. A truly amazing project. 

Listen to Palace’s new EP Someday, Somewhere now!

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