Mnelia Keeps it Short and Sweet for her Sophomore Project ‘After 6’

As the UK’s R&B scene is growing and reaching new heights, Mnelia solidifies her position at the forefront of the UK’s soulful talent.

Perhaps best known for her February release, nostalgic 90s inspired R&B hit ‘Say Yeah’, Mnelia now brings us a short and sweet EP to end the year. Although After 6 includes just four songs, it successfully showcases the songstress’ talent with her smooth, sultry vocals, and catchy lyrics. We’re big fans of the project, and you should be too.

Playing us into the EP is ‘On & On’. The chill yet catchy beat was produced by long-term collaborator StevieBBeatz. The mellow instrumental allows Mnelia to showcase her melodic vocals. The song has a feel-good vibe, calling all the “true players” and “single ladies” to the floor, with its almost motivating chorus repeating “move on and on and on”.

Mnelia follows up with the slightly more somber “Back to You”, where she reflects on her past relationship, and spends time debating whether to try again and “get it right this time”. The soft, melancholy beat produced by N2theA, drives the singer’s soulful vocals to the centre of the track, highlighting her raw talent.

Now halfway through the EP, Mnelia switches the mood completely, with the obvious club-banger and girl anthem ‘Shoot’. Again, she calls on East London producer StevieBBeatz, but this time for an upbeat, sensual hit. The songstress sticks to sweet, melodic vocals for the chorus as she warns there are “about 5 seconds before I pop my top”, by the time we reach the verse warning time is up as she takes on a bouncy flow to question “who the fuck you cheatin’ on?” as reminds her romantic interest she’s “got a thing for bringing gangsters to their knees’”

Mnelia also released a glamorous, steamy video to accompany the song and EP’s release. The video was directed by Terry Paul and released on the singer’s own channel. The visuals are an entertaining addition to the track. They feature her getting ready at a vanity dresser, where she later pens a letter that’s sealed with a kiss, this is followed by her posing in a fancy red car, and a dark and mysterious black-room full of photographs. The songstress, in keeping with the title “shoot” later wields a pistol, while contrastingly relaxing whilst draped in pearls and a red cocktail dress. 

The final song on the project “Ro’s Lullaby” is a heartfelt track, seemingly dedicated to Mnelia’s child. The songstress soothingly saunters through lyrics like “there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do, just to make sure you’re all good”. Perhaps the singer’s most personal track, sincerity, and emotion are clear in her voice throughout. Production is once again taken care of by StevieBBeatz, a welcome addition to the pair’s growing catalogue of collaborations. 

This EP is certainly one for no-skips, drinks with the girls, and romantic winter nights. After 6 provides fans of Mnelia with songs true to her sound, party hits, and a hint of what’s to come in 2021. You can stream After 6 now on all good streaming platforms.

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