A Look at Songbird

The film is a dystopian thriller that shows a world in which COVID has mutated.

Photo by Branimir Balogović via Unsplash

Before reviewing the film, I also want to discuss its context. The film is a dystopian thriller that shows a world in which COVID has mutated. It uses the virus as a real-world basis for its fictional narrative. 

In terms of the film itself, it is not the best. Even outside of its questionable concept I do not think that the film is remotely interesting in any way.

I will get my few positives out of the way first. The acting is alright but there are no remarkable performances that I can take away from the film. The film is also not bad in terms of technical construction. It’s a decently put together film. Lorne Balfe’s score is also solid too, albeit very generic. 

Besides that though, I do not think the movie works at all. I will start with its pace. This film has a runtime of eighty-five minutes. However, it feels much longer. The film is not edited well and given that it is trying to be a thriller it is not remotely thrilling. This leads me to the next problem, that being the writing. The story is not interesting and the characters are not either. It has a romance which does not work (as the actors have no chemistry) and some of the dialogue is really cheesy. I object to the world it creates also. It’s preying on what to many people is a real fear. I think it’s kind of disgusting to be honest given how the pandemic has affected the world over the past year. 

Overall, the film itself is not good and I do not recommend it in the slightest way. It’s a bad movie that I did not enjoy at all. This mostly stems from how gross it feels. Making a romanticised thriller set in a world where COVID-19 has mutated just feels wrong and in awfully bad taste. It’s marketing off of an illness that has killed (as of 20/1/2021) 2.06 million people. That’s what feels so wrong about it for me. It made me feel wrong for even watching it. I get trying to be topical but this absolutely is not the way to go about it. This just feels grossly exploitative of the pandemic.

The movie felt conceptually wrong. But even with that disregarded it’s not a good film in any way. It’s a generic post-apocalyptic thriller with boring characters and an awful story. While I do not recommend it, the film is available on Amazon Prime in the UK.

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