Being a detective with friends: A review of online interactive Mortiarty’s Game

When your friends are all stuck in lockdown, what can you do together? I suppose you can turn to the usual simple video call catchup or a video game, but after repeating the same activities too often, it’s fun to try something new.

I had the opportunity to try Moriarty’s Game: Killer in the Hive, an online immersive game where with the help of texts from your game’s private investigator, you look at recordings and analyse profiles to find suspects and eventually, a mastermind criminal. 

Here is the website: 

For £11 per person, you and your friends work together or in separate teams of up to 5, to follow a trail of criminal activity until… well, I can’t spoil but it involves a twist.  What’s best about this game is that it’s extremely easy to organise and set up. Simply type in your phone number on the website, reply to texts and stay on a call with friends as you play in the comfort of your own home.

In addition, I should mention you don’t need to be like Sherlock to solve this. Although it may help to rely on the smartest friend in your group, you could all put your brain cells together and solve it within an average time of 60 minutes. It’s just the right level of challenge, leaving enough hints and details to progress onto the next mystery without holding your hand through every step. Unfortunately, my friends and I didn’t get onto the leaderboard on the website, but if you do, comment below! I’m definitely not jealous!

Here are short reviews from my friends:

“Captivating plotline, [INSERT SPOILER]” – a person who doesn’t understand a review shouldn’t spoil what happens

“Nice and Mysterious”– a man of few but kind words

“The logical jumps were straightforward enough that anyone can do it without needing to be an expert, but you still feel super accomplished at every stage of the puzzle” – someone who perhaps should have written this article, couldn’t have said it better myself

“A really fun ARG experience! It’s challenging enough but the puzzles get your brain working!”– a person who put a lot of effort into making this review; they even searched that this type of interactive narrative game is also called ARG, interesting!

“I found it really fun and woah, give an Oscar to the voice cast”– someone who sounds like they have fallen in love with the private investigator’s voice recordings and calls

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