Creation of Creativity

Who is the painter of one’s life?

The writer?

The creator?


Do we create

or are we created?


Do we think

or are we made to think?


Who is reaching out to who?

Who is creating who

when God’s hand almost

touched Adam’s?


Is it possible that

cherubs and Sophia 

and the child

are merely human?


Is it possible that 

they created each other 

for each other

from each other?


Mere humans 


a creation of Adam

for creating Adam.


Is it true that Michelangelo 

painted the brain to hold God?

Is it true that he believed in

creativity over religion?


Do stories exist so that we don’t

question as much?

Then, art exists to remind us

what we are capable of creating.


Then again, maybe this is my mere creation.

Who are we to know?



Photo Credits: Pawel Czerwiński on Unsplash –

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