Timeless Fashion Pieces

Photo by Kelly Sikkema -Unsplash

In a world so environmentally conscious, you may be wondering how to avoid fast fashion and buy new clothes every season whilst still looking stylish.  This is where timeless fashion looks are your biggest asset – these pieces are staples, never leaving mainstream fashion trends, and are extremely versatile!

So here are some timeless fashion pieces and patterns to incorporate into your wardrobe!


Floral print has been a popular style since the 12th century, when real flowers were used to create the pattern, and has been used in fashion since. Extremely versatile, floral prints come back into style every spring, and will never leave. Popular items in this print include dresses, blouses and buttoned shirts.

There are many ways to interpret this pattern – paired with dark colours, they can be used to achieve the perfect smart-casual look. Or you could incorporate a bolder, contrasting colours and more artistic prints for a more vintage, springtime look – the flower power fashion movement of the 20th century is the perfect inspiration for this!


Everyone should have a black and white striped shirt in their wardrobe. First appearing in the middle ages and solidified as a trend in the 20th century, this pattern the definition of timeless.

Early on, this look was associated with rebellion, and in the 60s and 70s they were a common item in anti-establishment sub-cultures, such as the mod scene. Stripes also have and association with more casual looks – in the 1920s, Chanel established Breton stripes as a fashion staple, taking inspiration from the uniform of French sailors.

Extremely versatile, this look is very easy to add your own twist to; classic stripes can be dressed up into classy formal looks, incorporated into everyday streetwear styles, or can be used to add a grungy edge to your look. Coloured stripes can add a sporty twist to your look and are perfect for summer. You could also combine contrasting stripes into your look, including items with stripes of clashing colours and sizes.

Checkerboard and Houndstooth

An edgier take on stripes, checkerboard patterns have long been a staple of grunge and skater styles, and still creep into mainstream fashion today.

Checkerboard patterns have long been a staple of grunge and skater styles. Popularised in the 70s by skaters, and solidified as a trend by Vans, this iconic pattern is still prevalent today, particularly on jumpers, skirts and trousers.

Houndstooth is a classy twist to the checkerboard pattern and colour palette. Best used to add a vintage or preppy vibe to your look, popular pieces in this pattern today include cardigans, vests and skirts. Houndstooth has been used all throughout history, as early as 360BC, due to its ease to weave, and was established as a modern trend by Dior in 1948.

Trench coats

With their invention dating back to the 1850s, trench coats are the perfect example of timeless. Popularised by Aquascutum and Burberry, this coat has been a consistent staple of outerwear fashions.  Extremely versatile, these coats can add both a smart and classy look to your outfit, as well as being incorporated into streetwear styles for a more casual look. 

Chelsea Boots The origins of Chelsea boots date back to the Victorian period and were popularised by the Beatles and the mod scene of Chelsea’s King’s Road in the 1960s and 70s. These boots are famous for their versatility and can be styled to be both casual and formal, and look great with jeans, dresses, skirts and suits of any style.

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