#1 – Lost Lovers

I need to be clear, before I continue, that you were a monumental waste of time. I have never depended on anyone, nor wanted to. Our differences were clear, straightforward. I wanted a stable, healthy relationship that remained in spring and you, well you, wanted to rush into autumn. You wanted to pluck and drain the skies of their colour. I wanted to mimic the rays of UV so that the flowers would grow towards us. You’d tell me to wake up and smell the roses. I’d tell you to wake up and get a proper job. What is a Media Distribution Officer? You’re a fucking paperboy. There were never any roses with you, no flowers at all. No date nights, no picnics and most definitely, no sun. Everything felt dim with you.

I was lost under the clouds,

for a while

I kept holding off the rain

(but we needed it

to grow)

the skies shifted and changed

but without you, life felt mundane

I pushed and pushed

and one day I looked up

and you had gone

I didn’t know that although

you sat in autumn

all of spring had fallen to the ground

the sun-ripened leaves,

the bee-kissed petals,

the syrup

and you bathed in it

we were our closest then

I just

didn’t know



Image Credits: Sharon McCutcheon – https://unsplash.com/photos/P3IJy9JMsiU

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