Where Y2K Meets R&B: Cariss Auburn’s ‘Daydream’

Could ‘Daydream’ single-handedly secure the future of the aesthetic movement?

If like me, you’re a student and end-of-term stress has got you requiring five constant forms of media to hold your painfully short attention span, then Cariss Auburn’s new release  ‘Daydream’ might just be for you. With enough going on in the song to provide me with the serotonin I’ve been craving, ‘Daydream’ alone might just be the key to all of our pre-exam destress sessions.

‘Daydream’ transcends the boundaries of genre through an addictive mix of layered instruments and vocals that somehow manages to remain uncluttered. It is the perfect escapism. Auburn modernises classic soul and R&B influences- mixing Prince’s ‘Kiss’ with Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ to form a Y2K banger with depth and fun. The strong beat blends seamlessly with the electric guitar to create a funky melody that I just know will be the perfect pre-clubbing hype-up tune. Auburn’s trademark ‘baby blue Les Paul’ brings a level of aesthetic my Pinterest board can only aspire to. Add in those powerful backing vocals and this song should be all too much, and yet, with light, easy lyrics such as ‘no goodbyes cause baby we can daydream’, it just somehow works.

These layered vocals hint at the range Auburn has so far left relatively unexplored, and I can’t wait to see more experimentation with this in her future releases. Celebrating her roots, Auburn has teased this vocal capability in a series of covers within her ‘Wolverhampton Wanders’ series (which can be found on her YouTube and website). Her ‘Everything/Flowers’ mash-up is raw and heartfelt and entirely different to her releases such as ‘Daydream’ and ‘Float’, suggesting Auburn has lots more to give.

Cariss herself has described ‘Daydream’ as an invite to her ‘3 minute holiday [with] 80s music and reminiscing over my holiday to Japan’- isn’t that a holiday we’re all glad to be on the guestlist for? 

Auburn’s style deserves a whole paragraph of its own. Her use of burgeoning designers such as Natuski Hanyu, Alice Hampton, and Anastasia Bull has seen Auburn in some pretty amazing fits. Special mention has to go to the ‘Daydream’ cover where she sports a pale pink dress with matching evening gloves and a bright green fluffy hat to complete the look. This is one outfit I can certainly get behind, and one you might just see me trying to emulate if June 21st goes to plan. This just goes to show how multi-faceted Auburn is, and in a culture where most artists branch out of music (although I personally wouldn’t mind if Rihanna would branch back into music #where’sthatalbumatriri), it’ll be interesting to see how Auburn incorporates fashion into her brand.

‘Daydream’ is fun, wistful and really just an outright banger- I reckon a combo of this, a bottle of Malibu and somewhere to get dressed up for is the 2021 medicine we all need.

You can stream ‘Daydream’ on all platforms now!

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