Death Blooms ‘Fucks Everything’ With Their Politically Cathartic New EP

Liverpool based nu-metal band Death Blooms offers listeners a blistering new 5-track EP that hooks you from the get-go.

Considering today’s world of confused governments, lies and nepotism, and the state of politics in disarray, it’s not difficult to see how Liverpool based Nu-Metal band Death Blooms found inspiration for their new EP Fuck Everything. Deeply rooted in the nu-metal revival scene headed by new British bands such as Blood Youth, Wargasm and Loathe, Death Blooms adds a mix of hardcore vocals and a whole load of political anger to create the fiery catharsis which is their new EP. Their eponymous lead single ‘Fuck Everything’, which came out on the 18th February alongside a ferocious video, led the band down a rabbit hole of punk filled rage and brilliant musicianship. 

“It’s about being completely lost and disillusioned; and being fucking angry about it. We’re constantly force-fed lies and hatred by everything around us. Our elected politicians do not give a fuck about us, we’re overworked to survive, our friends and family lie to us and we lie to ourselves. This song is about fighting back and learning to trust yourself and how you feel.” – Paul Barrow (Vocalist of Death Blooms)

Death Blooms are riding off the back of their blistering last EP You are Filth in 2019 which got them nominated for Kerrang’s ‘New Band of the Year’ and Song of the Year for ‘Life is Pain’. The band got crowds moshing and headbanging all around the country, sharing stages with Korn’s Jonathan Davis, Loathe and Insane Clown Posse. The band didn’t let the lockdown get in their way either, performing live Knotfest sets to be streamed onlin,e as well as blowing the roof off a sold-out socially distanced show in London in late 2020 with fellow British breakthrough act Wargasm. 

This five song EP via Adventure Cat Records sees the band use the initial momentum gained in previous releases and really hone in on both message and the sound. The lyricism does occasionally resort to rudimentary Nu-Metal buzz-words, nevertheless Paul Barrow’s effective blending of his political messaging with stock Metal phrases makes for a far more interesting listen. 

“This EP seems like the right amount of spit and bile to sum up everyone’s current frustrations in musical form at this present moment,”

– Paul Barrow

What I think sets this band apart from the crowd is Barrow’s vocals, which offer up a scintillating range of hard-hitting sounds. While he doesn’t forsake the growls and gutturals one might find in a band that made the line-up for Pulse of The Maggots Fest in November, Barrow’s hardcore frys and false chords, spliced together with his harmonious vocals, are more than enough to keep the audience listening. 

Instrumentally, the rest of the band is nothing to shy away from. Jason Blackburn successfully uses all parts of his guitar, effortlessly switching from the tuned-down crowd-killing riffs to high octane melodies: new track ‘Gore’ being the perfect blend of the two. The drumming from Toby Barnswarda is steady and controlled throughout, not opting for an overabundance of fills, which is something that many contemporaries have thoroughly indulged in. This all obviously ties in beautifully with the meticulous and consistent Lewis Smith on bass. 

However, where Death Blooms falls short for a certain audience, is their striding of the two genres. With the abrasive bass and guitars, I can see where the Hardcore influence comes in, but the drum rolls and switch ups are more reminiscent of nu-metal. While this is an interesting blend, if you’re a fan of either genre you might find yourself dismayed at their lack of devotion to one sound or the other. 

Overall, the tracks offer listeners a politically-charged punch in the face, with a flare of showmanship and catchy riffs to enthuse the listeners. The 5-track EP from Death Blooms may be exactly what you’re looking for in a short length project. Fuck Everything lifts you up and never lets you down, which is exactly what you might need to get you through the year…

Fuck Everything is out on all streaming platforms on the 17th March. Can’t wait till then to headbang? Enjoy the titular track ‘Fuck Everything’ below.

Media and Quotes courtesy of Major Transmission.

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