DMA’s Live at Brixton: A Heartwarming Gig From a Forgotten Time

Australian indie rock band DMA’s wows audiences with their pre-lockdown live recording, hot off the tape from Brixton.

Reminiscing about their biggest headline show to date, Australian indie rockers DMA’s release the live recording of their colourful Brixton show, almost a year to the day 6th March 2020. The gig’s significance is not to be understated, being hailed at one of the best in the band’s career, as well as the last crowd-packed event to have taken place in the iconic London venue before the world descended into lockdown. 

The project opens with the sound of a sold-out show, boasting with 5000 voices jostling, trying to find the best place to stand and eagerly awaiting the powerful opener. Listening to the album immediately drops you into the maelstrom of emotions that pre-gig excitement brings. Even from the get-go, the waves of emotions brought on by the opener ‘Feels Like 37’, with the mic’d up crowd singing in unison to the catchy chorus of ‘Cause all I want is gone away, Gone away, gone away’. One cannot help but smile at the melancholic nostalgia of it all. 

Flaunting a brilliant three-album discography, the band takes advantage of the wondrous London stage with more class and love than any fan could ask for from their favourite group. Sticking to their roots with some original DMA’s classics such as ‘Too Soon’ and ‘Lay Down’ off their first record Hills End (2016), the band doesn’t forgo their older sound just for the sake of their newer stuff. Nevertheless, that doesn’t detract from them using this opportunity to play some never heard before live material, songs such as ‘Silver’ and ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’ from their hugely successful third studio album THE GLOW, which made it to #4 in the UK and a mighty #2 in Australia. 

The whole project is mixed seamlessly, utilising my favourite element of live albums: not forgetting the crowd exists. Now more than ever, hearing a crowd seems like a sound for a time long since forgotten, so when a band chooses to release a live album that doesn’t renounce the ambience that a good multitude of voices can bring, it’s a work of art. The hype around this release is also increased when taken into context. The gig was live-streamed out to audiences a month later, which came to great success and had fans ready for a streaming release. 

More than just a streaming release, however, the band has also pressed and packed the project on a striking smoke-effect pink and orange vinyl. For any collectors out there or even just general fans who would ache to hear the booming songs played through a quality record player, this limited edition double print has to be for you. 

If you are a die-hard fan of these guys, either who didn’t make it to the gig, or who wants to reminisce the last gig you were able to go to, this record will more than satisfy your wants. From the perspective of someone who had minimally listened to this band before, this record blew me away from the sheer passion exhibited by the Australian trio. 

DMA’s Live At Brixton is out now and you can book tickets for their Outdoor Summer tour here.

Quotes and media courtesy of Fear PR.

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