The Club is Calling: No Rome ft. Charli XCX and The 1975’s ‘Spinning’

There’s a new house track on the scene by pop music’s long-awaited ‘supergroup’.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been missing pop culture more than anything during the pandemic. In the last year, cinemas, theatres, gig venues, etc. have all been closed and have taken a massive economic hit. My hometown of Maidstone has seen this firsthand where the local theatre nearly closed, and things similar to this are happening all across the UK.

It’s fair to say that we’re all missing the life and culture that we had pre-pandemic. Now some of you may define culture as going to an art gallery or a museum. However, I, like most of my fellow compatriots (for a lack of a better phrase), like to get absolutely plastered at a dingy club night. Simple pleasures, am I right? 

QMUL’s local, Drapers, is not your ordinary club. Gone are the overpriced alcohol and overplayed radio music you find in cramped spots such across London. Drapers is always bursting with real character, from the hilarious gossip in the smoking area, to the awkward kissing accompanied by the gawkish and horrified stares from onlookers to the god awful dancing and cheap alcohol. I LOVE IT! Yet I miss it sorely. And ‘Spinning’ by No Rome ft. Charli XCX and The 1975 is the track I imagine would fit perfectly in this atmosphere of the most sacred of places.

I’m not going to review this song like I would any other track. Avid readers of my articles would note that my last review was on Black Country, New Road’s new, phenomenal album For The First Time. Listeners of that album would not expect to hear that music in a club setting, but ‘Spinning’ finds its home in the club. 

Picture the scene: you’ve been waiting for what feels like 5 hours in the queue to grab a drink. You swear under your  breath at the people on the left who try and push in line, before emerging victorious with drinks. Then… suddenly! A heavy beat drops and synths bounce all around the room. Charli XCX’s voice diffuses through the air and you sprint to the dancefloor, not knowing or caring that ½ of your G&T has just been spilt in the process. As all your friends (bewildered, most likely) arrive onto the dancefloor, the chorus kicks in…

“But you just keep spinning over there

Spinning over there, spinning over there” – 


The lyrics of the chorus are not the most creative ever… and that is okay. This is not music to sing along to at a gig, nor to have an intellectual debate on with your geeky music mates. ‘Spinning’ is music purely to dance to, to kiss to, to dance to or to drink the night away to. The song is pure fun.

On another note, this track is distinctly characteristic of the three artists that are attached to it. No Rome (Guendoline Rome Viray Gomez) plays it cool as he has on songs such as ‘Saint Laurent’ and ‘Narcissist’, with the latter also featuring The 1975. Charli XCX delivers cute but kick-ass lead vocals and continues on from her excellent lockdown release of How I’m Feeling Now. The 1975 round the track off by delving even further into the experimentalism that was seen in their last LP, Notes On A Conditional Form. The track was produced by No Rome, Matty Healy and George Daniel; which is no surprise at all as the song distinctly feels like a continuation of style for both Gomez and the leading men of The 1975.

Going forward, Charli XCX (Charlotte Aitchison) has a new documentary coming out on the 18th March about the creation of How I’m Feeling Now called ‘Alone Together’. The 1975 are also releasing new material soon in the name of their side alias Drive Like I Do. So do keep your eye out for the new content that these amazing artists are dropping soon.

‘Spinning’, in short, will suffer grave injustice if it isn’t played at every single first club night across the country when lockdown ends. All three of these artists have consistently been in my ears since last March with their frequent releases. It would feel like a full circle to have those that have carried a lot of us through the last 12 months to be the ones to christen our safe return to the clubs, which we’re yearning for. I don’t know about you, but I want to just get back to ‘Spinning’!

‘Spinning’ is available on all streaming platforms now (and hopefully in your local club soon!)

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