The Revival of We Talk: Back in Business


The ‘We Talk’ Column, run by the lovely Naila Barrett, is a collective of individuals who’ll discuss all sorts of personal advice and issues while befriending you along the way. Previously known as the ‘Girl Talk’ Column, ‘We Talk’ is an inclusive space for everyone!


Relationship problems? Period advice? Body hair? Rom-com suggestions? Date ideas? Single and ready to mingle? Single and don’t want to mingle? Tinder VS Hinge VS Bumble? Why aren’t they texting you back? Whatever it may be, We Talk will be the place for you. 

A few things to catch you up on: We Talk was formerly known as Girl Talk but not anymore. Rebranded, this is a different vibe, a new look and some brand-new voices behind these articles. We strive for inclusivity, openness and realness. We are the friends who don’t know you but are 100% rooting for you! 

Here at We Talk, we talk (haha) about our own experiences and tips for anyone who wants to listen! We can’t tell you how to live your life, but we can guide you based on all the mistakes we have made. Spoiler: There’s a lot.

I’d like to give a quick shoutout to Seren Haf Morris who started ‘Girl Talk’, four years ago, as a place where women could come together and talk about issues they were having. We would never want to lose the essence of what she started, but we want to spice it up and most importantly open up the conversation. We want this to be a safe space for all.

Right about now you might be thinking who the ‘we’ in We Talk is. Well, the main person behind this column will be me, and by that I mean Naila (pronounced ny-la). I’m a third-year English with Creative Writing BA student and I needed an outlet for some advice/fun that I wish I had! I’ll be navigating my way through all the issues and topics that come up with being a Millennial/Gen Z kid! I’ll be having some other voices helping me along the way because this is ‘We Talk’, not ‘Naila Talks!’. From fitness-lovers to self-proclaimed skin care experts, I’ll be making sure that you get everything you need from this column (whatever that may be!)

Need date ideas? We’ve got you. Can’t tell a red flag from a green one? We can help. Want to know why you are a size 12 in one shop and a size 16 in another? Sit down, we’ve got all the gossip. Tinder dates and precautions to take? We will write you a list! Period bloating? Body Detoxing? Skin care tips? Instagram picture tips? Keeping fit? This is the place for you; a place to grow, a place to learn and a place to talk.

We don’t have all the answers, but we are here to work together and share our ideas.

This is going to be a fun ride, so come along with us and we promise some laughs along the way.

Naila & The We Talk Team <3

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